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From Rosedale Avenue to Southern Boulevard on the eastbound side, you're slow from portly heading over towards the Grand concourse. Our next traffic update in less than 10 minutes on WCBS now, the forecast with meteorologist Daniel middle mostly quality tonight it will be rather human will have some areas of fog and drizzle, forming as well. The low tonight 68 for tomorrow, starting off with some fog and drizzle in the warning, But we have clouds in some sunshine in the afternoon, warm and rather humid with a high of 78. Coming Mostly cloudy again tomorrow night with a shower low 68 Monday and Tuesday. Warm and sticky with clouds and some intervals of sunshine. Shower will be in a couple of spots for each day. Hi Monday, 77. Go back up to 78 on Tuesday Wednesday. Mostly cloudy, breezy and a little bit cooler with some showers. High 72 degrees right now. 70 degrees. Cloudy skies. WCBS news time It's 9 20 AA wedding at a karaoke bar in Queens Shut down for violating social distancing rules are Christie collision with the details. The sheriff's office reports that just before midnight Saturday morning A gathering of about 284. People for a wedding was broken up at Royal Elite Palace caterers in Woodside. The manager received four violations, including violating the mayor's orders, violating the fire code and hiring an unlicensed security guard. The owner face is too similar violations. The manager of K one karaoke bar and Bowery received six violations after about 78 people were seeing inside. Not practicing social distancing. Deputy sheriffs broke that gathering up around 2 30 Saturday morning. The unlicensed security guard at the karaoke bar also received two violations. Christy collision. WCBS NEWS Radio 80 Drive in movie anyone A new drive in movie theater experience is opening up in New York City, said to screen a live version of Phantom of the Opera. The production was filmed in London's Royal Albert Hall. Reviews for the special event kicked off tonight at Radio Park in a story of Queens will be featuring princes movie Purple rain as well to get started $100 for info, go to playbill dot com. Best selling author said. Rebound is one of the guests in this week's WCBS author Talks podcast. Her new mystery, thickest thieves is her 82nd novel. Despite her success, she tells the podcast is always worried about running out of ideas. Worry about going to the.

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