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The more human we're going to have to become. I think it's amazing mindset to get into but we have to move ourselves to become more more human. I think because of what otherwise we get lost all automation on the one thing that fascinates me about the human race as a species. I think is our diversity. I think that's critical as I said. We're we're different. We have different views on. They all they all they all add up to now normally at this stage. We do few quick fire questions with you not doing that today. Going to change things a little bit. We'll see how it works. They tell me Mark. Don't break formula to go I'm diverse anyway. So let's give it a go so instead of asking you some questions. I'm going to ask you quick far. Now maybe thirty seconds or so. See your responses on some of these articles that you've written you written a lot of articles in this space over the last number of years. We've gone enough how to reach a lot of them. They're fantastic. I'm just going to call you about some of the article headings until Me Watch. What does it mean? Give us a thirty seconds. Quick fire on it. So first. Recalibrating workforce planning for the Twenty First Century Organization and a quickfire thirty seconds. What's that all about? And that's we discussed that. It really is being predictive about the changes that will happen at scale not just again individuals. But how can we predict tower? The composition of your workforce will change within the five ten years in and give some advice and prepare for that change so that it doesn't come as a surprise where not reactive. We appro active. A ballot workforce some another one. He wrote about the adaptability challenge. And we've covered some of it but if you get that down to about thirty seconds what are you covering in? Their adaptability is is is a mosque these days. It's no longer shen. Everyone has to be adaptive and the challenges that we don't like to be adapted and organizations have Legacy structures people are attached to the titles in jobs. So we have those hangups. Wait wait wait. We do not like to change. That's part of our survival instinct and changes threatening so so that's why adaptability is a challenge but it's also a amassed it's it's it's a goal. I think that's opening their M. You talk about the promise some peril of teams sure. Everybody's working team enroll collaborating. That's a promise. But what are the perils apparel? Is You know it's very difficult to be on the team. You know as much as especially diverse teams. You know we know for a fact that we almost have to change would definitely have to change our mental models about success for example Yon NBC. Very aware and nonbiased. So that's why the the T. teams is the future at the same time. It's also a learning curve. We are not because most of the time teens kind of happens good team. Successful teams happened almost by accident. We have not really researched them as much before. But now we are paying a lot more attention. So what makes a team successful part of that formula? Be The ability to work through challenges in the resistance and You know the downsides in In managed diversity for the benefit of the of the team rather than full apart as a team so there are lots of pros and cons to the team in. It's up to us to learn how to do it more effectively. Yep Yep I've seen first hand over the years successful teams happening by accident. The majority of them are then having success almost by accident to which amazed me you talk about 'em wires hate your pursuing Agi lightsaber. Everybody's doing Ijaw. Why is hey? You're doing a light version of it because you know there isn't as I can. Every Trans Air is a very off the docks way of applying agile as you know it could be very formulate in the and unfortunately because HR works with humans. Most of the time we know that it no one sits into just one way of doing things. We talked about diversity that that was running theme of our conversation so I think that as much as they agile formula that we inherited from software development the applied across various processes when it comes to humans in working on some very very human decisions we need to be more nuanced in how it supplied and maybe less off the docks in application of some of the processes that more open-minded entreated Morrison is again as a mental model mindset of agility and adaptability than just a set of formulas yet. I think you can almost apply the approach to most agile projects or implementation door. Whatever phrase for going and I think the last one here at learning twenty thirty beyond technology so we're looking at ten years into the future. Will we be there with a human capital? Management will have arrived or we'll we'll be still beyond the journey or will be affixed at all with technology. I don't think we'll ever arrive. That's the beauty of that show. Let Alone Landa me in ten years and see where we are but But I think you know what I said is that it will be a really interesting An interesting evolution of Jan humans that interaction people technology as well as ask better understanding who we are always a hot wide What we know about ourselves and really accommodating and developing technologies that are going to make us more powerful more impactful more intelligent in all the good things associated with that can obviously paying attention to what we don't know in what's going to fall through the cracks and we're GonNa find ourselves in the privacy. Hell you know. And whatever whatever the next than saying that we didn't disobey is GonNa hit us I think that's kind of going to be the path for the next ten years. I think it's an interesting pop. It's journey not the destination. It is journey. I think it can be a journey with a very interesting view. If you want to open your eyes on and look at it and you reminded me of one of the critical findings. Just finish up. We found from our survey was organizations. Don't know what they don't know. And that's one of their biggest gaps and challenges whether it's technology whether it's human capital management. Whatever that is they don't know they don't know and it's almost as if let's not look on the Dirac to see what's there because that will mean change and difficult evil but I think we've got to be brave. I'm on a previous talks. We had somebody say. We need managers and leaders with goats. That will do something that may fail. Br at least they're learning. It's not I always say you know that phrase it's not failure if you've learned from it certainly is if you do it and repeat it and do it again to definition of insanity but if you do it if you get this wrong learn where you got it wrong. I'm be stronger the next time and tell your staff and work with people. I think that's a good view now before we finish any final words on how organizations can continue to get the best from their talents. How they can keep them or how they should develop their staff in this digital age. Any closing words for you. I think you know. Just stop focusing more people because people have been a second thought maybe third fourth on the agenda of the CEO's and now we're seeing that it's coming front and center in when people business people were very smart very artificial in in eighth. They put their minds than their hearts to achieving those goals in that's kind of appeal to the management. I think that that that's where we are going to be on a good pass. It's still going to be easy but it's certainly going to be A better experience for all and we'll get there faster if we have the right leadership moving us in the right direction. Well some of the best advice we got on these calls. At the very end Allen's always the most simplest of advice I mean their focus on the people in third or fourth down the list. I find that amazing people should be top of the list there to town there. Two things that make things happen. There are people that think do an act and the automation helps to parts of their jobs. Focus on the people. We're going to leave it there. Thank you so much for joining us on. Today's CCC TALKS. You've got so much insight into.

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