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The other side of freight frank gore was a guy that never wanted to come off the field i mean never and because he was such a good past protest actor and even though harbaugh's offenses didn't featured as frank a catch passes that he he stayed on the field and when you had other running backs year remember the or the 4000 brought brian westbrook in as a guy was at all pro player now he was at the back end of his career but they brought him either to spell freikorps attracted take to welded act that was the competitiveness of frank that never wanted to come off the field so i tend to look at poland's things a little more like that looked the football side of this is it isn't new we saw this two years ago with boat coming back off the grievous me now out again memory he didn't play at all fourteen he took the whole year off which was a smart thing now he comes back and fifteen and what happened after a couple of games teams rand backs out of the backfield against in the entire time ready where there's a sunday night game in new a new jersey where the giants just tortured him wedding shane verena the backfield i can't remember for ricotta taught a passes and the giants end up winning the game and then of course last year he only played what four games i think before the achille so this again it's not new and i continue to believe that this gets framed differently when ruben foster returns because rubin foster's talat screams out at you what he comes back he will allow he could take a lot of that responsibility at allow bowed to do the things that he could still do well and a model to me and i am speaking just here i don't know what the coaches field the bottle to me is you get you look at the last game ray lewis played a super bowl with the ravens against the 48 hours he couldn't move and.

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