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A robin banks five oh five on your wake up call KFI a and six forty more stimulating talk let's say good morning to ABC's Erin to Turkey air and SO much so I'm back for you this morning first we had the news coming out this seventeen around the inside been arrested by their country for allegedly spying on behalf of the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency then you've got Iran also releasing the footage of the British air tanker beings so much coming out of a run over the last three twenty four hours or so this can only mean tensions obviously are rising but it's true and it it does underscore the perils due to Persian Gulf shipping and the global economy of course and and as you mentioned those be escalating tensions between Iran and and now not just the US but but but but Europe as well we can start if you want with the CIA officers are Ron said it arrested seventeen spies working for the CIA there was no comment from the CIA or or any acknowledged as as we probably would expect operon says it has condemn these these people to to to punishment and working in Iran on behalf of the CIA across a number of different sectors you know both economic and and at the French related the the CIA we're we're waiting to say if they say something but but it beats a visor truly condemned to death it's it would we may not hear again from them waiting for any comment by the by US officials a wrong headed now it's worth it June generated broken up a CIA spy ring but we're we're not sure whether that you are a related okay good that was my first question too because I thought I thought that we heard this last month okay so and I guess until technically until the U. S. says something we can't really confirm or deny what Iran is saying yeah it's really hard to know if the statement in Granada St intelligence on on state television that says seventeen spies were arrested in the calendar year so what we don't know what the the place all once or or what but the statement went on that these were employed insensitive and vital private sector centers economic nuclear infrastructure military cyber and the the ministry of intelligence said that they had been sentenced to death that's really all we know from from the Iranians and then of course we know nothing at the moment of the America okay what we do know is what we all have heard from this weekend and seen the new video and audio that's come out of Iran seizure of this British oil tanker at least the audio portion of it yet the back and forth that you hear is the Iranians going turn around turn around and the British saying Hey we have every right to be here and I'm saying Hey we're going to come on board for security reasons how dire must have been or the the tanker crew you're the Iranian message if you open a real state yeah and and and then the British warships saying actually we we got the right to do this and and and sort of the tanker caught in the middle the the the the British worship at inserted itself in front of a group of Iranian boats you successfully did for another seizure of of the anchor earlier in the week so this is been going on for some time and and clearly doesn't doesn't help on that and the flag is already been placed on the ship I mean Iran stand this is ours sure they'd be if the Iranians believe that the the ship at straight from from from the courts in international waters and the Iranian as you set the Iranian sense mall close to surround the up the tanker and Iranian helicopter is seen flying above it several troops in black masks descended from the helicopter all of the tanker very dramatic yes it is Erin thank you so much I appreciate it thank you to all right see you later that's ABC's Erin to Turkey so so much coming out and really we have to wait now for the US to comment on this because war these actually CI a agents that are in a run that were spying on our behalf will we ever know well somebody ever so important say for sure maybe not but anyway if something does come out on that I'll bring it to you first all right we're also following this morning and ninety nine cents only store in Culver city's caught fire and it's still going there is tons of smoke and flames you can still see this morning but it's from the scene this morning shows the smoke rising from inside the store through the roof as firefighters doused the store from outside and above this all started about two thirty this morning a Republican leadership group in Illinois has apologized for sharing a doctored image calling for democratic congresswoman the jihad squad the movie poster style meme shows Minnesota representative Ilan Omar with an assault rifle Massachusetts representative are Jana Presley pointing a pistol New York representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in a flaming red dress and Michigan representative receded to leave wearing a tux in the scout in scaling now the tagline reads political jihad is their game if you don't agree with their socialist ideology your racist the head of Illinois Republican county chairman's association says it was an unauthorized Facebook post thank and he says he's sorry if anyone was offended I I have a feeling a couple people might have been offended it's just me two congressional committees are preparing to question special counsel Robert Muller this week Muller set to testify Wednesday before the house intelligence and judiciary committees house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff says Muller might be mom on many topics he has made it clear that he doesn't want to go beyond the report and I want to make it clear that is a choice that Bob Muller is making but he's he he said he was going to say anything his testimony was the report so I've said all along I just don't know how much more is actually going to come out of this because Robert Muller seems exactly what Adam Schiff said so not not totally sure what the intelligence committee thinks it will be Jolene from this that we get I do I do I I agree with that I think Robert Miller is going to plead the fifth on ninety percent of this specifically plead the fifth but you know what I mean he builds his that his lips zipped because he's already said I already told you it's in my report that's it is gonna show was math I guess is that what they want I get I mean Democrats are pushing to know more about the president's actions Miller flag as possible obstruction of justice Republicans are expected to question Miller about the fairness of the investigation I guess I guess that's about all you can do is ask and shows math house Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler told fox news Sunday Miller's report has substantial evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors by the president in other words that lowers hinting at grounds for impeachment this is a president who is violated the law six ways from Sunday if anyone else had been accused of what the report finds the president had done they would be indicted house speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly urged her caucus to be more cautious and patient on the issue of impeachment pelo C. says trump wants to be impeached and he's in her words not worth it and remember you had that congressman step up last week introducing impeachment and it was voted down so we'll see where all this goes the family of a twenty four year old man who flew from LA acts to London has asked for help contacting him Alex calling he woo was dropped off at LA acts on the ninety arrived in England but never contacted his family a new LA county public health report shows areas with illegal we'd shops and rates of violent crime I've been getting high together however the report also shows the more license shop squeezed into an area was not associated with violent crime LA county health will Nicholas as they also looked at the number of licensed and unlicensed shops in areas that were regulating cannabis versus areas that said Potts not allowed at finding there was that number one license declined in areas that were regulating cannabis and they stayed the same or actually increased a little bit in the areas that maintain the ban on license offer also found to be over concentrated in low income areas and communities of color Corbin Carson KFI news when we come back we'll talk with ABC's Victor Oquendo more about what's going on with what's going on in Porto Rico right now the governor has already said that he will resign there been two weeks of protests over those tweets that we're racist and homophobic he made fun of some of the hurricane Maria victims now people are saying that's not good enough we don't just want to hear he doesn't want to run for reelection we want him out now so we'll see.

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