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The first poll is in the books first major goal janelle swelled roger williams university in the first right after the poll as between republican allan fung and independent joe trillo it survey shows the republican turn independent trillo get six percent of support and the potential ob said mayor fung's applecart much like delay cool moves did in 2014 godot trader joe if the wipe the market created joey sinali bad luck the cut deals which is in a house up at the state house is as mayor fung also joan chiluba lls live with timothy fears gene valicenti who warm with everything wherever we get by from here he wore plate the mcg in though the opposing grew any with that allen point but not in in nothing will change with allan fung be coming gulf chilly calzone song a chameleon this falls his democrat gina raimondo the incumbent in a statistical dead heat with the republican cranston mayor wpr news' time is 100 one much more news this morning president saddam the twitter with where to potential tigress with north korea and reported offers of a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing the president is issuing the statement and as sort of uncharacteristically muted fashion he says possible progress being made in talks with north korea for the first time in many years a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned the world is watching and waiting maybe false hope but the us is ready to go hard in either direction phillips reporting from the white house british counter terrorism police say they are leading the investigation the unexplained illness of a former russian spy although this has not been described is terrorism veteran politician polices counter terrorism police will lead the investigation surge a script paul and his daughter her in critical condition after collapsing it sells berry england on sunday gun debates going to revel up at the state house this afternoon second amendment coalitions called a rally in the rotunda says than events legislative hearing somebody's red flag and other gun proposals before the general assembly and finally president trump is tweeted on tuesday that the problem with the oscars is they don't have any stars anymore except for him and he hastened to say he was just quitting a just kidding on the twitter viewership in the academy awards record low viewership twenty six point five million people and is a twenty percent drop over last year the oscars.

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