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We're just Where fall that's right? Guys Tom to play the game we are hate. The play is fucking black people the gay and it goes all around. The Globe makes us feel. Wilson scored zero to one hundred twenty five. Today's contestants everybody all right. Let's see what else today kid rock shocks audience as he attacks over. Enjoy Bihar In Drunken Racist rant open talking today who are who goes to a k rock concert and it shocked that he's these races in two thousand nineteen. I feel like if you go to kid rock concert in two thousand Nineteen Cave. What racism the? Why did you go like like you counter hoping for a little extra treat racism? I'm here wasn't them for full for him and lives racism So yeah he I say a little side of rap and all of racism was ankles Yeah he went on a rant grant at a bar in Nashville where he attacked. A view co host joy behar and inexplicably former talk show host Kathy Gifford Describing Robin performing a sex act with Winfrey and Berhard dropped declared that people who call him races fucking weird Uh what they say. Fuck Oprah Winfrey Kathy Lee Gifford okay I guess he's going through a time. I'll still got that Black Weifeng Black Kid I they deal you wonder On our like you read the newspaper and that show daddy all saying how you like. What is he teaching you about race at home every night Dunno? I'm now anyway care zero to hundred like what was it raises about this rain. I don't understand that actually played latest styles really open to look at what racism and I said he said Oprah Winfrey is truly an ugly early sight to behold and said that he was saying. He's not a racist. What did she would happen for him? Him To go into the paint. Just being K.. Rocking and rolling Somebody's I always like Oprah Winfrey dead. Who that's the WanNa make people think I'm racist like knows your words that are coming out of your mountain? Amway I zero to care. Oh Him I don't don't know we'll see but yeah I was gonna Click on the video. I don't I don't care enough characters a perpetual one hundred not yes yes he she is nine bothering breath. I WanNa get into wolf and what I would ask somebody else okay. let's see we talked about Gabrielle. Union already oh how about this one. Oh wait did I bring this up. Oh I kind of brought it up yesterday with Pinter's and a night will stop promoting Plantation Way. I'm not going to Redo it gooey. Louis went through this already. You got your wishes her fucking hilarious. Jackie photoshop and in the cast of roots in the People's awesome. Well ground in the background with fucking areas. The actually started in an account without opping instagram. Too but I definitely do it. I think it's called Sabry. Picks a savory slavery picks is real. Good I how about this one cheerleader. Who was punished for taking a knee during a football game? Wins one hundred and forty five thousand dollars settlement. Get your money by all the pom-poms won't wow wow. This ain't nine support to be honest as like she would have this guy. Okay maybe like you know enough like a semester of college or something like that. I'm okay with that. But a hundred and forty five thousand dollars. Who are you to put a cap on the racist sheet? Eh.

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