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The place you want to go Lynchburg wanna go? But he sells for this glitch. Traffic weather. Let's get on out to Debbie Logica. How's that ride Rolling dub Well start to get heavier again bouncing around here from the zoom into downtown. We're looking at about a 16 minute ride, so it's a little bit on the slow side there. On extra nine. The westbound side is just eight minutes to get problem downtown to the zoo. Sup on 41. How we cute to the suitor change. It'll be about 16 minutes, and we also have this problem off of the freeway system on Highway 18 Aunt. It's just west of the freeway. Right in front of where that where the zoo is. We have actually looks like both directions are closed right now on blue mound itself, or at least Highway 18. I should say so. Just be careful if you're heading through that area, just trying to avoid it if you can. Other than that 43 South bound round your road to the market is holding steady about a 13 minute ride. Very, very doable right there. Of your fellow commuters get to where they need to go. Report Accidents and slowdowns for the wtmj hall cars dot com. Traffic Tip Line at 4142 Oh 3, 81 100 traffic and weather together on the tens. I'm Debbie Logica wtmj paella wi dot com Time Saver Traffic WTMJ five Day forecast Tonight Partly cloudy low of 58 tomorrow. Slight chance for thunderstorms High of 78. On Wednesday. Showers and storms a high of 68 on Thursday showers early a high of 54 on Friday. Partly cloudy high of 55.

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