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It's twelve right now in Denver. This report is sponsored by Staples. Staples has the supplies you need to run your business like a boss at prices that will make your bookkeeper happy this week twenty nineteen desk. Pad calendars are three ninety nine. Get your business ready for a big year at Staples. Offer ends one five nineteen valid on skew two seven nine six two zero seven Staples. I'm Janine Larose on KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Give yourself a great Christmas gift guaranteed. Not to shoot your eye. Triple dog dare your family to miss a Christmas story the musical at BT stage this holiday season. Call three zero three four four nine six thousand or visit BT stage dot com for tickets. Have you heard about Ellen L heating and air yet? It's Rick Lewis here they've been servicing the Denver metro area for over thirty years. And have some great offers on new AC units in furnaces about one thousand dollars off a full system for Ciro percent financing for sixty months. You can't go wrong with these guys. They're fast, reliable and really are the best in the business. Check out their website at best. Denver h fact dot com. Fisher house. Least folks make a lot of sacrifices for us. And they don't ask for an awful lot. Sure house provides a very unique in crucial environment for healing. Name is Dave Coker, and I have the privilege of being president of Fisher house foundation. And I think one of the greatest lessons, I've learned is just how grateful the nation. This is this is the Fisher house story, and you've done so much for our home away from home for families of our military veterans who are being medically treated at DOD and VA hospitals, a holiday season presentation from this station and fisherhouse dot org. This is Mary Walter in Washington DC, your host for home away from home. The Fisher house story. Let's get started fast..

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