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Once again today let's check in now with Kristen neck she's over in the my free insurance copter yet lord we've caught up with that disabled commuter rail train on the Worcester Framingham line train number five eighty four it's getting a push for train number five always sexy were over the Wellesley stop for that is just arrived a lot of educated people waiting on the platform to get on now there's another train back behind this says stop the datacenter I don't know if there's anyone left to pick up there but all of this is slowly moving toward south station in Boston so this nightmare is slowly starting to work itself out Kristin assurance copter all right north bound for ninety five the crashes cleared before the pike in Hopkinton traffic still solid from eighty five in Milford to that point the pike itself locked every night in framing him most of the way to the supermarket over past route two eastbound usual stuff there through acting approaching the Concord traffic lights and again Arlington to L. life downtown the to open still tough from Carter stream Chelsea on in lower deck is sluggish back to assembly square lever connector down ramp is full so is the Sumner the tennis okay eastbound the soldiers feel road just a sea of red lights naff river street onto store or drive and the ticket more square Tory grandee WBZ's traffic on the threes three check keys check let's go over the four day WBZ accu weather forecast brought to us by the Toyota Prius with electric all wheel drive here's meteorologist dean devore you didn't mention the umbrella the you might look I think I actually through the daylight hours you probably don't.

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