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Inaction as they open up against anaheim other games tonight boston role to a five one victory is they beat back the toronto maple leafs the power play very effective one two three power play goals for the boston bruins brad marchand david backes and david krejci david posture knockin sean keraly with even strength goals the only tally for the maple leafs from zach hyman as it was a five one boston win over toronto and what else that later games right yeah i mentioned that anaheim watching games last night mad and you given the scores here the only series that i worry because i'm kind of minnesota while fan they got played badly by winnipeg i know it was at home but the other series it's not going to be easy like devils one and deserve to get in but soda soda colorado i mean they didn't just do that by floundering around down the stretch they want a big games and they came up under pressure and and they had some moxie they take they showed courage and spirit under adverse conditions so again you say that they're ahead i don't know how it will unfold after game too but i i suspect that these series are going to be much more competitive than you might might believe they should be if you had devante smith pelly game winning goal paul it's now gone by the board seth jones is scored a power play goal at fifteen thirty four to tie the game at three can you imagine if washington loses matt the fresher under here in the playoffs devils lose tonight by a score of five to two will take a listen to some highlights and wrap things up on the post game show right after this you're listening to devils hockey on the one jersey network checking there's crosschecking.

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