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I keep saying it now the asterisk. Though does i mean as a major one too who is andrew lock really not going to be andrew luck in twenty and nineteen. Is he going to be ready to go. I think though that the offensive line should be pretty good and again the team started the jags of the colts again. Coach saban the preseason. The offensive line hasn't looked all they didn't look good in their scrimmage. Ah again with i mean come on with that nonsense. That has no application carrots. That's being that's over thinking things to use. Some baker mayfield's language judge if you're reading into what happens in an august scrimmage too much what you want is to survive without injury. That's the goal of your any team worth earth. Anything events line should be good. I think if andrew luck can't go. I think jacoby percent is one of the better backups. I think they can survive on a limited basis with perset in there especially with what should be a dominant defense. Perhaps the best defense in a full of really good defenses and the jags included in that mix but they really should have. I okay they wanted. Nick foles pine for somebody who took care of the ball. After the blake bortles experience the mistake that they remade as far as i'm concerned is if in fact according to all the scouts who looked at him t._j. Hopkinson isn't just a good tight end but is a generational guy in in you know as a poor man's rob gronkowski which is how a lot of people consider him why they wouldn't if your if your offense is predicated on trying to be physical go and run the ball with leonard fournette and control the ball and you look at what nick foles did with zakar company in philadelphia. Isn't that who they should've taken. What were they doing with limited. Pass catchers marquees lean guys like that. Come on days should've taken t._j. Hodkinson not added to what is already loaded defense so it's fine to get josh allen but i don't think that that's the difference especially when you have andrew lock t y hilton and marlin mac in indianapolis and you have in houston in new coppins.

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