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And you watch the game you watch the body language you watch how they play on defense. They don't trust this teams. Don't trust them. They think he wanted all them traded for Anthony Davis, which I'm sure he did. And then you notice even against Indiana when during their blowout, you saw the three spaces on between him and the rest of the team when he sat on the right? So we're still talking about that. Okay. I just wanted to make clear because after that every that they beat the Celtics. So I mean, it's it's hard to follow. Exactly what this is. But you know, they were blowing out, but then they were blown out by Fillion meeting terribly by bad bad, Gutierrez on Bill Plachy goes thing bronze team. So there's basically two versions of them. They're the ones that are bullied by championship aspirations. And that's what drives you whether or not you get along. With lebron. Right. Kyrie didn't necessarily get along with them. They want a championship together. This team doesn't have the and it's full of young players, and it's sort of just the business of the game sort of takes over, right? Lebron is there and this sort of speaks to that? Kevin Durant toxic environment. Quote, there's just way too much pressure that comes with him. And I think Kyle. Kuzma was absolutely right. When he says they need to take a break and realize why they started the play basketball to begin with play like they love the game. And then LeBron is Bill says needs to lean in and lead these young guys to the playoffs and just use the joy of playing basketball to get them through this tough time Clinton Yates, if the arrival of LeBron James has his teammates, so dispirited, they don't even know whether doing it to begin with you have reached the worst case scenario for his arrival at the Lakers that is the issue. I said last week this was kind of just a bad idea because of the way you fit at the beginning of the season. Nobody thought they were necessarily going to make the playoffs. But you certainly didn't think it was going to implode like this magic as a serious problem on his hands with. Lebron James has a sentence. I never thought I would say guy Sola. There's a reason why Bill Plaski wins top columnists in the country every other year because that column nail that. Here's the thing about the Bronx records what it is. Because he missed those seventeen games. The last two weeks that is function is because of LeBron and the trade requests that Anthony Davis had employer. Something we're gonna get traded that has caused the unrest in the locker room. And Magic Johnson could sit there and say, we'll players go trade all the time. Yes, magic they do. But most players don't get traded because the guy on their team the best player wants him traded. That's the reason why there's been. Dysfunction, and coaches get fired all the time. And sometimes it's because the best player on the. That's the question Bill. Everybody's doing the wellness check on Walter out chances he survives this. Is there any talk right now that could happen during the break. I think there's rumblings. There's they have as as off the team is dispirited and Magic Johnson just probably supported him four days ago. That's awesome. I don't know I fear for Luke Walton right now, like another award winning column for Bill ski, you know..

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