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Amazing you noted at this house on JD right dear you know J. J. we we we were at the shrine together manual my daughter my wife we went as a family and I had a chance like I'm seeing you get down we did the Catholic cruise I've seen other shells but I love it too so it was kind of yours like I love seeing you do your show with the anticipation that the book fans waiting for you to come out you come out to hit first you don't stand there watching the crowd explode explode explode and that guy to be around other teams you can't wait till we get out of here you know because hi all first time I went to the break from is this going to be about I will not stop for life that's really what I'm focused more R. O. this place well the years straight more than a year now I mean you take notes on my problem one and it's a year off St and then came back now okay Hey man and it seems like it it ain't no stopping to to pop in even though you don't say even with this so called safer at home the man by you giving us great music in and we're waiting for everybody it is almost like when you see the bull hi and the matadors out there now who just wait I want to come back with you man I want to do this thing called give me five and we'll ask you five questions just give me five answers and we all go head to wrap up just around our radios man we got the baby in the neighborhood big boy's neighborhood real ninety two what is the name I don't play around with so stay home here it's really important that we a safe and stop the spread of the please stay home get through this only if we each do our part will be safe and stay home physical distance working you need to stay home saving lives starts with you the game but the star.

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