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Can find links to my social media accounts and columns on my website titled the more Welcome to the couch my Taylor podcast. Thank you for listening off for this week's episode. I spoke to a slave who is the mother of a deceased teenager named Scott Falls now? Sometime after 1 a.m. On July seventeenth two thousand to fifteen year-old Scott Falls now in his friend Sean Bauer who was also fifteen had left the party at Dave Rice's house and we're walking home along cashdollar Road a passing motorists driving along that road came across the bodies of files now and Bauer who were laying next to each other down the road Scott was already deceased had suffered major injuries to his chest area Sean was still alive. But barely he had two massive head wounds wage was rushed to the hospital where he would die for his wounds. The boys were good friends and had spent much time together. They both lived in Evans City, Pennsylvania and Butler County the Pennsylvania State Police took the lead on investigating the homicides, but what they found was disturbing based on the injuries authorities believed that the boys were struck by a vehicle Scott's body could have been hit by a vehicle based on his internal injuries. However, it didn't seem likely that Sean was hit by a vehicle. He had suffered severe trauma to his head his injuries appeared more in line with being struck with a weapon by a car or a truck. Also if the boys were actually hit by a car, why was there no broken glass paint chips or skid marks which are typically off the scene when someone just hit by a car the families of both boys are troubled by the investigation Evans City Pennsylvania isn't a large community based on the 2010 census birth. There was just under two thousand people living there. Also, the road were the boys died is a road typically travelled mainly by resonance. If you are a stranger in that town, you'd likely would not even find that road. This would lead one to think that the killer or killers were most likely locals a leave has asked to Safeway's to bring in outside help to investigate, but she said the request has been denied. She's frustrated by the lack of progress on her son's case the Pennsylvania State Police have this case for over eighteen years and no one has been arrested for killing either boy off along with this story ascod falls down as told by his mother alien. He was a good kid. I mean he loved her biking he loved fishing. He was never in really any truck. You just your typical teenager. They were celebrating him and Sean were celebrating her upcoming 16th birthdays. Sky's was July 25th and Sean's was I believe July 22nd. They're both turning 16. Scotty told me that he was studying that at Sean's house and Sean told his parents. He was down in the night somewhere else. So nobody really knew where where they were at, but they ended up having a party. Bite worst form. That was an old abandoned Farm. They had a pawn down them. They had a a bonfire and stuff and they were drinking and smoking weed. I guess they left around eleven and him and Sean walked back to Danny races house, which were they ended up spending the night. It was probably about say maybe quarter mile from where they were at maybe half a mile and they were going to spend the night there and then supposably Danny said that Sean bought Rowdy and he didn't want them waking up the grandparents. So he asked Sean to leave and Scotty was sleeping and she woke him up and said he was leaving. He didn't want Shawn walking home by himself so he ma'am. With them Second Story was Sean got hungry. Danny said and he was going home to get something to eat. So he woke Scotty up and Scotty walked out with them. They left in he's around I think 1 in the morning and then a password by motorists found them. I think tended to both lying in the middle of the road. I think they were like twelve feet apart from one another my son. They said was killed instantly. He had a Subway, right? Can you split into wholeness right arm on his right hip Shana. We had a 224 inch circle on the top of his head. He was life-flighted to Allegheny General off and I think he died around 3 in the morning 3:30. He mumbled something in the helicopter, but nobody was able to make out what he said the police really weren't doing much of anything. I mean, they've got several leads and triple DeLuca told me that if they got any good leads, he would have the manpower to look into them wives given him at least three and he's only question one person dead. In the past six or seven months just happened in 2002. Is that correct? Yes. So you've been dealing with this for nearly twenty years wage. Most eighteen will be 18 July 17th. That's a long time not to have any answer the very long time. Right? It drives you crazy. I mean literally I can't sleep. I'll fall off for like 10 15 minutes and wake up and wide-eyed and just everything just keeps goes through my head. You know, why you know who and how and it's a constant 24/7 struggle in my brain dead. So are you currently active and trying to talk to the police or asking people questions trying to figure this out? I caught the barracks at least once a week and then I have to wait and wait and wait till he decides to call me back to tell me that they're busy on other cases and doing other things and he'll get to it when he has time. What about Sean's parents? Are they also involved in trying to find out wage? Frigidaire son do they also keep in touch with the police? I believe they keep in contact. I don't really talk to them that often once in a while. I will but I mean we communicate like I post a lot of stuff on Facebook about my kid and Patio comments, she'll share it. So I mean it's getting out there and I've had people message me with people that they think did it and I'll call the investigator off or get in contact with my old buddy up there and I'll send him like green shots and stuff and he'll give it to the Luca but like I said, they don't they're not questioning the people that they should be questioned what I'm trying to say. If they don't listen to the parents enough do they actually go to the party at Danny Rice's house. Did you confirm that they were actually there they wanted to the party that took nine kids there and they talked all the kids that were there one or two of them were able to drive at that point and they were all talked to and cleared. Do you think it's possible that they were killed after leaving? Parting and then dumped on the road or do you think that they were hit by a vehicle after they left the party? I have two scenarios. The first one is whenever they left Danny's house. They had to walk past the garage and they did not get along with those people at the garage. I think on my first theory that they'd gotten arguing with that guy and things went bad and he killed both maybe someone else was involved in that to the second scenario is that somebody told me message me and said that the kids knew about somebody running drugs and they were talking about it and they were set up to take a nap date and to keep their mouths shut and it went wrong but the people in the second scenario, they were brought up quite a few times also.

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