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This is something that people are interested in another thing to know about your offer is even if it's great and again i offer. I mean you know the thing that you are setting up a facebook ads to promote the thing that you want people to take an action on when they see your ad right not only. Do you need to know if your offer is good but you need to know how to describe it. If people don't know what you mean if they are not clear on what they're getting that even if it's a great thing you are not going to see the results that you wanted to with that ad and this is why testing is so important because when you're starting out you are going to struggle a bit with the copywriting. You know the texts that you put in the ad. Then you know. you're going to struggle with. How do i break down the description into a catchy headline into a catchy like caption. That goes over the ad headline all of that. Good stuff the primary texts they call it on facebook ads. That is gonna shake you up a bit unless you are a professional copywriter. Which most of us are not so the more you work on describing the better. You'll get at making sure that people understand the value just by looking at your ad and want to take action. This is gonna come with practice. This is going to come with continuing to speak about what you do. So the more. I speak about the goal action plan. And the more i say. Hey this is my productivity blueprint. This is what i use. This is how able to juggle motherhood and my side has a pro-business because i just focused sticking to my system and you know my system. It's like coloring right. Sometimes you might cover up the lines a little bit or you know it's like they say airplane doesn't go on a straight line your entire trip but it's always going in that direction that's the same thing with the goal get action plan. It does not require you to be perfect. It just requires that forward motion. So the more i continue to think about. How do people need me to break this down. How do people what would make sense. Like do people get what i'm saying. I'm constantly asking myself that because that helps me to.

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