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It's in the breakdown. Lane 4 95 North done right by route 62 in Berlin. Laurie Grandi. WBC's traffic on the three started to get some winter weather advisories posted in the region. Let's check the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast now and meteorologist Dean DeVore. You were looking at the worst of these conditions, probably away from the water, but I do think you know, we'll see some problems here tonight into tomorrow morning with some snow showers. This has been a very difficult situations, not one big, organized piece of energy here that's coming at us. It's kind of in pieces. There's a piece that's given Chicago and Detroit fits this morning. There's a piece that'll come up towards us Later. Tonight or later this happening this evening. I think any precipitation holds off to a late afternoon into tonight. We're looking at temperatures to be up into the Mid thirties at best today, with the real fields not far from the temperature. It's that precipitation breaking out is snow, mainly, but as we get into tomorrow morning in tomorrow afternoon, I think the snow showers kind of mixing with some rain and sleet, especially coastal areas in the city will be up in the mid upper thirties. Tomorrow afternoon. Probably going back to snow showers. Tomorrow night is some cold air wraps around And then a few flurries or snow showers Thursday colder with real fields, teens and twenties and then on Friday, we're looking at a colder day with highs near 20 degrees 15 to 20 for the high on Friday. That's gonna be how cold this next air masses in to Boston, I'm accurate meteorologist in DeVore WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 27 in Boston. If it's time to replace your old windows, all right. Window. Correct. Now call 806 49 36 100 or schedule an appointment online and right window calm, a better window installed for the right price right window. Good morning. It's 9 26 earning season has arrived on Wall Street. Let's check out the numbers now and what's moving the market with WBC's Dave Caruso. Morning, Dave. Good Morning. Wow, I haven't seen a flurry like this in a long time. There's a whole lot of optimism. Now, let's let's start a little bit with some tempered discussion, though You know the Dow. It was up. It was up around 60 and at one point this morning, and it's up 90, so we're moving in the right direction. S and P up about three NASDAQ up about 10. But the reality is, you know, I'm looking at a probably about 12 or 13 stocks that have got some amazing things that are continuing to move. So this is probably one of the busiest mornings I've seen in quite a while. Now. Needless to say, we got a lot of things that we're dealing with. This year. We got jealous Janet Yellen behind us now for the department, Treasury, So hopefully that'll help a little bit. Maybe we've got Mitch McConnell also seating a little bit of the The power share. Maybe that'll help a little bit as we look at this 100 day focus, But you know, in looking at this, which still about the vaccine, so the good news is we're hearing good things, And I think that's really gonna help the market a little bit more here today as well. Also, we've got the stimulus plan 1.9 trains a lot to be looking at here. We've got case Schiller numbers this morning up 9.5% from a year ago. The biggest problem I've got is that they don't have enough materials in the inventory isn't there, so I think we're feeling good, And that's a good predictor that you know. Once we start buying stuff again, that's going to be good. So I think this is a very good omen. J and J is on track for some vaccines for next week. American Express, and I'm not gonna go through every single one of them. But basically, you know, we're seeing deals with beyond meets and snacks with Some of the major players that we saw with Pepsi. But I'm looking at 10 different companies, and we're talking about Horizon Twitter, Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson under armor. This is one of the biggest parade I've seen in a while, and most of them are good, so hopefully we'll get a little bit more mentum. But I have not seen this sort of excitement in terms of the hearings parade in a long time, so this is a very good omen. All right, Dave. Thank you. It's 9. 28 think will happen to the economy and the stock market with lockdowns, crushing small businesses, the government deficit spending trillions and taxes skyrocketing to pay for it all. Hi. This is best selling author Brett Kitchen. And Do you really believe the historic stock market will continue higher in this scenario? Would it be smart right now to take your chips off the table and cash out walking in the historic.

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