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Or clarity is the question we start in atlanta. Where the falcons got wacked. They looked terrible. Might have been a tough tough day at the office for the atlanta falcons. Here's this nabet off to the nfl. At the moment we saw was really bad yesterday. Really bad could not execute. I have a pretty bad. All of it looked awful. But i have. I have a sneaky suspicion. Okay thank the eagles might be good. Might be good this year. I think the eagle and this is this is the washington fan. I think the eagles might be think the eagles might be good this year. And if i if i lived in a state where sports betting was legal. It's not at the moment. I think. I guess that we're it's coming but If i lived in a state where sports betting legal. I think i'd place my money on the eagles to win the nfc east okay. All right interesting take right there. Let's get into disappointing because you know. I'm gonna washington fan and i i think you know let's get into the backfield in atlanta a little bit deeper. Mike davis has forty one snaps to twenty one for quarter all pattern forty-eight snaps to twenty one for quarter patterson. Mike davis has fifteen carries for forty nine yards plus three catches on six target. So we get you ten point two fantasy points. Patterson actually had more rushing yards on just seven total carries plus two catches for thirteen yards. Matthew here's what i would say. I was a little bit surprised by the role that patterson had yesterday. He played more than i thought he would. But i'm not totally discouraged by mike davis role right. I mean eighteen touches yeah eighteen touches and three game. They were getting their butts kicked. I'm okay with it. I totally am as well. You know the only thing that's interesting about patterson and i haven't read anything about this. I need to do a deeper dive in this. But i wonder if i wonder if there's something in arthur smith's thought that he's just like the closest guy i've got to derrick henry as cordell patterson but i'm just like i'm just saying in terms of like cordeiro patterson's a big guy like he's a big tall guy and he's built like he's crazy fast but he's also built. That's all i'm just. I'm just wondering if there. I'm not saying he's derrick. Henry please. I want to be very clear about this. I'm not saying he's anywhere close to derrick. Okay i'm just saying build wise like mike. Davis has a shorter guy. Like he's stocky you know he's got he's got the big quads and everything like that. Yeah but patterson's like a big dude. I mean elliot. Seven carries though he played some. I don't think it's like. I'm not ready to earn patterson just of his value. I should six to two twenty twenty-five matthews so to your point he's actually that's a little bit thicker than what i had thought he was. But twenty five is pretty big. That being said. Do you think that maybe you were just a decade too early on cordeiro patterson and you make a decade me. Emily's ahead of the curve really ahead of the curve. know the truth is look wayne. Goldman was a scratch here. I wonder if that was just like familiarity with a playbook you know he he joined the team lay And so my expectation. Here's but but the fact is a game which they were getting their butts kicked and their offense congenital anything. Mike davis still got eighteen touches. And i think you feel pretty good about that. sure do. Let's move forward to the lions. Who is we mentioned. Patterson did patterson should be on your raider. I don't think he's somebody you pick up. Oh definitely don't pick up. But i think he's just a name to be on your radar For the lions Jamal williams there is some pre-game reporting that jamal williams would be the workhorse for the lions yesterday. Is that correct. Yeah he was going to take over as the starter to start the game which was very confusing to all of us because we thought deandra was the guy but as the game platow snaps for played out. You saw hatching the other way so andrea swift finishes with fifty seven snaps. Jamal williams just thirty snaps now. That being said the most of those thirty snaps as he had nine carries for fifty four yards and a touchdown eight catches for fifty six yards. Good for twenty-five fantasy points outpacing andrea swift by point six fantasy points with eleven carries for thirty nine yards post eight catches for sixty five yards so a great day at the office for both of them matthew. I doubt that we're going to see quite this much volume for them week. Over week with my big takeaway here is this. I was great. It was great to see de'andre swift involved in the passing game as much as he was even if it was mostly garbage time and in a day in which basically no lions wide receiver stood out. Maybe what they're gonna tell us. Is that if jared goff is going to bortles way to a bunch of passing yards Big blowout games. Maybe it's the it's the tight end teacher. Hopkinson who's great. It's a two running backs and those were three passengers matter. That's what we've been saying. All preseason go back and look at my says even like souped up like if you're getting this kind of some hesitations on the andrea swift. After i know there were some not from me. But yes there were out there in in in venezuela but if you look at my love hate from this week i literally recommended both swift and jamaal williams and said i think they're going to be down in this game and i think they're gonna be involved in the passing and we talked about it on this podcast as well. This is what we've talked about. I mean i. I had hopkinson it tight end four. Because i'm like that passing offense is going to go through hopkinson. I don't think what happened against san francisco. Is that much of an anomaly. It's a brutal defense. You could argue. It's the worst defense in the nfl. I i do think. There's a chance that jared goff has a blake bortles like season here. He's not as mobile as bortles. Bortles ran quite a bit but he like. There's going to be a lot of junk time. There's gonna be a lot of garbage time on this lions team and to your point with no wide receiver separating themselves and also an offensive line that was inconsistent yesterday for detroit..

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