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Everyone is at home reflecting on all of our life choices and really looking towards an uncertain future I think Times Square has this really special container in many of our hearts and minds for a space sure join a reflection and communion in a way you can say it needs our energy even when we're not there images from the Billboard project will also be displayed on nearly two thousand screens throughout the five boroughs and just above the entrance to Lincoln tunnel for NPR news I'm a symmetric it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm Rachel Martin stay with us the California report is up next first though Joe McConnell is back in the spring us to Burlingame with this a big crash on highway one one northbound before Broadway only the right lane is open three left or completely blocked by this crash involved vehicle that overturned there's some serious injuries and traffic is starting to slow as far back as hands on highway one one northbound that's really big traffic jam we have and it looks like the highway for crash that would involve a fatality Franklin canyon is completely cleared and the question for east at six thirty south on that ramp there was a crash that's gone to north six city at Hostetter report of a bunch of debris in the right lane John McConnell for KQED thanks Joe one way to help keep yourself and your community say from the age of covered nineteen is to listen to KQ weedy and one way to support KQED's coverages to donate your vehicle you no longer need learn more at KQED dot org slash cars coming up on the next Commonwealth club program journalist Andrea Bernstein reports on her investigation into the Kushners in the trunk two of the most powerful families in America.

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