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Road, which is like that new horsey. So Erica roads roads. Yeah. But it wasn't great. Right. No. We all had to that. And I like country sometime to have a weak spot for it to be one of the fastest we've ever seen great though. There's a lot of like dude country guys that they're just there to kinda like sing love songs. And those guys I don't know. There's kind of interchangeable. They don't do much for me. Didn't sound it sounded almost like an impression of a country song, right? Like there is going to be a melody, or so, like, backstreet boys. Not good. Number one. The one I guess it's the biggest you know, it selling good. And the sales are up the show. Okay. Sale selling got it people by. Chart? We're figure chart working where can they get sad? Limit out there and I tuned it's going to be everywhere. It's gonna be an I tunes Amazon pin Dora. That's great, but labels. Well helium produced it, though in the club produced it. I don't know. Will it be for sale and helium lobbies across the country? Last time. They're lying, it do you, do you go to Philadelphia. You do I like to do it. You haven't done Philadelphia yet. I did their bananas club and jersey. Have you done bananas? Did go bananas in Cincinnati. Oh, is that fun? What's your favorite club, squat comedy crawl? On the street. My favorite club. Boy. I never really had a favourite club. I guess I don't know. It's like if I had a good set I like the. That's why I decided to my album. I had one good set. And then later, I was like, maybe I shouldn't have based everything on one now, but I was lucky I went back, and it was still good people, but Portland loves comedy, really into comedy, so they got it. Yeah. I was gonna ask it. I don't remember what it was. I'll ask you during the movies chart or we'll be right back with the movies chart. Gang head on over to patriot. That's right. Patriot where you can get the extra content the above the normal content. Oh my God. We're doing. Hey, gangs over there. We're doing critter Chatters over there. We're doing advanced dragon. Boy, suede and have a some songs and video from the vault and stand up comedy video. We have so many great things to offer you, I want to congratulate and welcome some new people to the fold welcome to patriot. New subscribers John Lytle, Chad Brown, and Joshua Anderson and start, I'd like to inform you about a gentleman named Henry Baker. Yeah. Who purchase the entire Howard Kremer catalog of music dispatced week back in tyre thing entire thing. Hey, Henry Baker every would you call them, Hank bang? Hey, Hank bake. Fake. Shout out to you hang out everything we recorded all the singles. All the albums all the summer all the dragon boy has feel so good. And I'm excited for him to, to what a cornucopia of music absolutely to get in. They buy up my whole catalog. That's how it goes all in all in. And I love that. And I think that joined in the footsteps of Henry Baker. Why not so welcome to patriot? Thank you, so much, Henry Baker, and we'll see you right there on the next hour Kramer, patriot FM. Thank you. We're back. I'm H Michael Cray. And I'm here with Erika roads and start. And you don't and this is the movies chart. Just like tweet release them constantly most of them, we don't need to see when you get a good one. Ooh. All right. We are here with Erika roads. Her album, sad lemon is out this week. Check it out by it stream it love it. All right. Eric. You're gonna dig into our movies chart. Okay. Are you an avid, moviegoer? I wouldn't say avid. Yeah. Sometimes sometimes to go on the road. Yes, I would more likely go on the road to. Tough killing those days out there. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Stuff or let's see what's in our theaters this week. All right. So back again at number five number five. It's rocket man..

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