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To Preston. Julian Rogers next report. It's six twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. Tonight. It's going to be clear and cool low coast to sixty tomorrow sunshine, it'll be a bit warmer high of eighty five Wednesday Thursday Friday, pretty much looking like the same thing. Partly sunny, continued warm temperatures highs in the mid eighties. The Megan up to eighty seven, but there is a caveat. It will be a bit more humid out there, so beware. And our next chance of rain is on Saturday, but it will be a high of eighty two right now, it's eighty four KRLD. KRLD news time six twenty one is your news continues for lifestyles unlimited dot com. Stanford David Johnson with your nightly CEO spotlight turns out, it was may ninety five years ago that that huffman's started name that everybody knows the automobile business, but but it was up just off the square in Denton that the Hudson Motor Company started. The remarkable thing is ninety five years later. It's still owned by a member of the huff is families passed on down a couple of three generations. But that is really unique the automobile business Raya fines is head of Motor Company joins us right now. Good. That's good to be dating. The casualties are just a standing out there. It seems like all the family dealerships are owned by either Warren Buffett or part of auto nation must have been a real struggle to hold onto this for ninety five years where there are obstacles to overcome first off you have to have someone willing to do it capable of carrying on. Also, you have state taxes to deal with and and and..

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