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A b a discerning voice for fantasy owners because i don't want to be reactionary about um coming back to the norm but we have to be reasonable about carson wentz in his expectation i think his skill level his ability to run the ball get outside the pocket make things happen de ball has been amazing this year they all afford a lot of upside to him longterm but those numbers are pretty crazy so do we expect carson wins to end up well let let me ask you this how many of these players do you expect the end up in the top five this year carson wentz alec smith jared golf russell wilson tom brady those are the players leading the way in terms of touchdowns per attempt i will go brady is yes yes wilson is a yes i think smith is a yes in carson won it's i think jared gough is only one had i believe will not be a top five at the end of the i concur thank you you think carson winds will end up at number one where he is now uh no yeah i i don't think so but he's he's locked in as as a top three guy for me but i would not i'm not gonna put him at number one one of the bigger surprises this year has been chris thompson he's averaged thirteen yards per reception best in the league he's the rb tin in half ppar leagues is averaging fifty five rushing yards air the are receiving yards a game and we know rob kelly is is on the way out and thus far if i had to give a verdict on somebody p ryan it would be a you know a middling guilty amid ling players severe two to four years in prison for your performance sure sir well we'll be severe about p ryan's performance about i mike hind you're being you know you are a big p rhino us in but kristaps it can you finish in our view as an rv one of his arbi ten right now and with the way the backfield landscape is yes i think italy be well yeah i believe he will.

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