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I'm Debra Mark. John again show. John kobylt, Ken chiampou, KFI, AM, six forty. Welcome everybody. A big story at this time yesterday was the shooting of the LA county, sheriff's deputy cut the I of noticed this. Some of the media just say at a fast food restaurant in Hamburg, not naming it anymore. I guess if you want to tarnish the, the Jack of the box. Hey. It is was a Jack in the box restaurant. He was off duty not wearing any clothing indicators that police officer and just taking his mom's car to a jiffy lube, and then walked over to the fast food restaurant to get some food, and he was shot by this sick individual just arrived in California from Utah, a couple of weeks ago, we know more about this strange thirty year old apparently addict that will tell you back because family reported missing late last month. So we'll bring you up to date on that story coming up a bit later on this hour. We begin though we're going to bring on Kristen and Carlo from KFI news. And he covered this L A city council discussion yesterday about legislation in Sacramento. It would prevent California cities from towing vehicles left on the street for more than seventy two hours. It's a Bill introduced by somebody in David. Hugh of San Francisco. And the real issue is that the fines and the fees for having your car towed, or so, excessive that a lot of people never get their car back, and then they can't go to work, and then they can't earn their homeless. And then they're homeless. Yeah. Everything leads to homelessness. So it all does it all. Tumbles. Downhill quickly, Chris. Hey guys. Yeah. All tumbles down very quickly in Los Angeles. That's the thing we learn day in day out, and, you know, yesterday was city council for a different story. And I was just kind of watching the meeting, because that's what I do for fun. And there were a lot of people that were speaking about this, and it wasn't really on my radar to be honest. And next thing I noticed, I mean, public comment went from being like fifteen minutes to an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, and it was over not even any action that the city council is taking aside, from resolution in opposition to assembly Bill five one six. So let's just kind of streamline that what does that mean? It means that. The city council is coming out against this Bill, which seems counter intuitive away because often, you know, they're supportive of these measures that could make it easier for people without homes to simply exist. But in this case, they were coming out against what a lot of homeless advocates had been arguing for which is assembly Bill five one six. So just you guys touch on it to get into what the Bill does a little bit more here. You've got unpaid parking tickets on pay registration as well. And then also that seventy two hour role where, you know, you've got a car that's parked in the same spot. So all of those fines would be waived not waived, but you couldn't tow because of that, and you would have to find another way, basically to get whatever fines were issued in case. The state would event allow people to park for more than seventy two hours in the spot, which means you'd end up with RV's and people live in their cars all over the place. They would take were in residential neighborhoods on the other hand, the fines are so excessive the city charges one hundred thirty three dollars for toe fifteen dollars to release the vehicle and forty five dollars and sixty five cents fee for each day. The cars in storage, claiming the poor people can't afford. And I don't know what the parking tickets themselves are these days. Do you know Chris, sixty seven seventy three dollars? I got a parking ticket in Pasadena in my work truck, and that was like it was like one hundred ten bucks and, and then I didn't pay rent on time. So it was even more than doubled home. Email from from Chris or somebody else. But. Yeah, no, you know, I mean the fines are pretty big, but it's also everything that's tacked onto the fines. And when you look at a story like this, a really I mean you can be completely incensed on either side and still agree with the general principle here, which is that the fines are out of control. But what is it? That is a fact and in this case is whether or not people are taking advantage of a rule like this just to live on the streets. I talked to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, I just have to I wanted to play for you guys. One is this guy he owns a bunch of businesses in LA? He said he is forty businesses that for a stretch last year. He had RV's that were completely blocking every entrance into his businesses. My concern about semi Bill five one six is a Bill that seems to despite whatever it is morning. Seems to take away the Bill..

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