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According to dumbs model one point six wins worse. Which is you know not enough to offset their improvement upfront. In terms of making it so that we wouldn't say that the canucks have improved like they clearly have but it's concerning and while there are reasons to believe that guys like hughes and rathbone ackman larson can outperform. The projection is dom slots them in currently one point. Six wins is a massive cult. Like that's a massive loss in quality based on this model and as i sort of peered back the layers. A bit the impetus being this these conclusions. I realized like ed learn schmidt were the most used defensive pair. Last season they played toughest minutes. They played five hundred forty minutes together. All told little bit more than that and the connects. Were actually even at five on five in those minutes. It was in the other twenty one hundred minutes. Gentlemen that connects were outscored by twenty eight right twenty eight now. It's actually pretty impressive considering the quality of the roster all around the schmidt nadler and it didn't always look pretty. I don't think at any point anyone said. Wow that pairs and as for the connects like if only the rest of the team. Was you know sort of holding their own like those guys. They'd be fine. Like i don't think it ever looked pretty. But when you look at the results you know finding away to offset that finding a way to make sure that the negative twenty eight that the other pairs or the other combinations of pairs managed last season doesn't bleed into their toughest match-ups like that's the test here. And that's the test that you know i suspect pullman and ackman larson are gonna have to pass if the big big ask and you know as i thought about. It turned it over looked. At this data it becomes clearer and clearer. That not only if the connects potentially on paper gotten worse on the back end with their series of offseason moves but the specific area that they've gotten worse is the highest danger minutes. It's the matchup minutes themselves. And that's where boy they are going to count on a player like pullman to perform at a level. He's never managed in the nhl to this point and a player like ecm larson to bounce back to a form that he hasn't shown in you know several years not just last year but several years. Oh yell myers hammock shin and probably hunt if he can stay up in the nhl all in their thirties. Of course the options of players in their twenties and the blue pullman hughes rathbone. And you lovey. I mean they never get four twentysomethings in on the ice even with a couple of even with an injury or two. I suspect there's a maximum of three guys in their twenties on the boot line. At any given moment. Yeah i mean unless you get to kyle boroughs. Brady keep her territory which you could. I mean that's the other thing to watch for here is going to be in the event that some of the rights struggle you know brad. Hunt's played the majority of his nhl games on the right side like does that become an option. They consider Do they start to look at keeper and boroughs Two guys who haven't got a ton of nhl reps. But i mean i see reasons there to believe. They could be more than they've been to this point in their careers. I won't shock me like fundamentally. This club has a level of depth on the right side of their blue line in particular where you know in my view you need to cycle through. If it's not working you need to change. You need to be flexible enough to go. Eight nine deep to find answers because the answers may be counter intuitive..

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