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Your current my poor judgment your lack of vantaa will your sense of humor although not good the reward yourself and that's a clip from darkest hour i'm delighted to say the gary oldman is back on the show gary hello how are you sir i'm very well thank you nice to have you back it's me to robocop i think it was the last time you are on the show and then tinker taylor in what do you make of the buzz around this film amine the reviews or extraordinary the reviews fuel performance are astonishing is your head buzzing d a is there skip in your step is this just the way it is at how was it fainting few what it's nice when the work is received well i've got to say over the years you know they've been lows an highs i've been inactive forty years thirty years of it probably in the movies and to dip in some good time since and not so good at so waste nice winless saying nice things about you rosine means things about you eights unclothe the wealth nick the response thus far certainly in the united states has been as you say i dunno we got a thousand reviews and and out of that may be four one ford or not so good so we're doing with with on a good wicket here what did you think when joe right us you to to play winston churchill you're more your reaction was well i'm there was a different film that came through in 2014 the fit wasn't right.

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