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This is weekend edition on WNYC. Live from NPR news in Washington on trial Snyder, President Trump is preparing to head to Dover air force base in Delaware. He is expected to leave later this hour saying in a tweet that he will be with the families of the four Americans killed in Syria. This week the Americans were killed in a suicide bombing near a restaurant in the northern Syrian town of man bitch, NPR's, Daniel Chazal reports that offense department identified three of them. But that a fourth casualty of military contractor is not yet been officially named army Chief Warrant Officer. Jonathan farmer was thirty-seven, and from Boynton Beach, Florida navy chief cryptologic technician, Shannon, Kent was thirty five and grew up in upstate New York. Scott words was a civilian with the Defense Intelligence Agency. The Islamic state has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack counterterrorism expert. Seth Jones says the attack was near a restaurant that many Americans visited members of congress Seville. Billions intelligence officials that raises a lot of questions about the operational security procedures that the Americans were practising while they're President Trump has said ISIS has been defeated and US troops will withdraw from Syria. Daniele Czeslaw NPR news Washington, South Carolina, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, urging the president not to pull u s forces from Syria without a plan Graham spoke to reporters in Turkey's capital today after meeting with Turkish officials he warned that a pullout that has not been thought through would lead to chaos. Buzzfeed news, top editor been Smith says he wants to hear specifics about the special counsel's objections to the BuzzFeed story that alleges President Trump directives impersonal lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to congress about a project built at Trump Tower in Moscow, we are very eager to hear from the special counsel what they're objecting to. And or of course, always open to new information to corrections to things like that. But but the. Here is really on them to explain what they're talking about. Smith spoke to NPR last night saying BuzzFeed stands by its story after Robert Muller's office. Challenged key parts of it as not accurate, the fallout from Florida's disputed midterm election. Recount in November Sam Perkins from member station. Wwl RN reports Florida's Republican governor Rhonda Santa's has suspended Palm Beach county elections supervisor for her management to the recount Palm Beach county had encountered criticism for failing to meet multiple ballot-counting deadlines during the recount in his decision, Florida governor Rhonda Santa's cited what he called Susan booker's ineptitude during the process, I think that there were a train of problems. It really tarnished the image of the state of Florida, and I think unfairly and you had the whole country, basically, laughing at us booker's blamed the counting delays on all vote tabulation machines, she says she'll challenge the suspension to Santa's move comes after Florida's. Previous governor suspended Broward county's. Election supervisor for her handling of the recount for NPR news. I'm Sam Turk in West Palm Beach. This is NPR and this is WNYC in New York. I'm David I the MTA's going express with its new L train repair plan. It says it won't need. It's board. Members to approve the changes WNYC's. Steven Nelson reports at an emergency. Mt. Meeting this week board members raise tough questions about the safety and viability of the new repair plan proposed by governor Cuomo. They also asked if they'd even get a chance to approve it. Now, the MTA says, no, it's reworking the original contract and doesn't expect it will cost more. So that plan won't need the board's approval, the full board meets again next week, and will likely have a lot to say about this as well as some existentialist questions like what's the purpose of the MTA board? If it has no say in the decision making process three separate anti-trump protests organized by women's groups are taking place in Manhattan today. After attempts to present a unified front failed the women's March alliance a nonprofit that has led the local women's marches in New York City, the past two years will host a rally and procession starting on the Upper West side women's March Inc, which has organized the demonstrations in Washington c will hold a rally at Foley square in lower Manhattan, as well as another event in the nation's capital both of those stored in the morning, a third separate rally for wheelchair users and wheelchair users and others with disabilities is holding a non March at Grand Central terminal in the afternoon, a big chunk of the tappan Zee bridge came down earlier this week and some of its debris coming back up downstream. Residents are seeing plywood hard hats and buckets wash up on their shores. Those items had been left atop the old span when thirties determined it was too structurally unsound that it could no longer be dismantled piece by piece John Lipscomb of the environmental group river keepers has he and others. Involved in the planning in planning the crow the controlled demolition determined to leave the materials there. We wouldn't put people up on a span that is precarious and say, please take off those pieces of plywood and please take off those hard hats. The throughway authority has sent out boats to retrieve the loose items asked reports come in. It's eight oh six this is WNYC support for NPR comes from the Wallace foundation fostering improvements in learning and enrichment for disadvantaged children and the vitality the arts for everyone ideas at Wallace foundation dot org. This weekend edition from NPR news. I'm Scott Simon parts.

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