Peter Pace, Pentagon, Hitler discussed on Week n Pulse


In two thousand five uh fourstar general by the name of peter pace who was then uh uh the uh the chief of staff of the pentagon uh he gave a speech where he said we have to learn from history yeah we failed to take into consideration i ever take seriously what hitler said about what he was going to to to the jews and the rest of the world we didn't take you to seriously what he said of speeches as a result you know we gained we got involved world war two and millions in millions of people were killed this message was to these officers at the defence university that he was giving a speech to he said you have to take seriously what the muslim extremists say yeah and if we take seriously what they say whether it's in the koran or the huggy for whether they are saying things today then we should be on guard and do everything we can to stop it as you mentioned you know the chatanooga case where you know uh muslim terror one muslim terrorists shot and killed former range and a navy sailor uh the fourteen people who were killed in a san benito how can we forget about that stuff right right uh would you want to say a few words about uh what's your name talaeh would in uh sure sure lasse caroline hick a highly kaley would this is one of the cases that we had i just briefly mentioned it uh in the beginning of the end of your program she was in the eleventh great world history glass hitler plot a high school in in maryland and he was being taught that most muslim faith is stronger than the average christian islam at heart is a peaceful religion these were power points took a whole class was watching and she hot is a personal struggle and devotion to islam especially lee involving spiritual diff uh disciplined and then she was asked to confess or profess the islamic conversion creed there is no god but allah and mohammad is the messenger of allah on issues also required to learn the five pillars of faith now and keighley discuss this with her father was a former marine who had served in the first persian gulf war who has they vomit at volunteer fireman ed uh gone to the.

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