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Michael now roaring towards Florida's Gulf shores with powerful winds up to one hundred and twenty miles an hour and getting stronger. People in northwest Florida are scrambling to protect their homes and businesses as hurricane Michael churns toward the Florida panhandle with landfall expected tomorrow tens of thousands of residents have heated calls to evacuate, but not everyone is going plenty water or tubs filled out already. WCBS? TV weather. Caster Lonnie Quinn says Michael continues to strengthen over warm ocean waters. We believe very confidently landfall takes place tomorrow afternoon. Maybe the early evening hours as a strong cat three with a hundred and twenty five mile per hour. Winds Michael could reach near category four strength before it arrives. Florida. Governor Rick Scott, hurricane Michael is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the Florida, panhandle. In decades. The storm will be life threatening and extremely dangerous scores of flights have already been canceled. Pam Coulter, CBS news, stay with KYW NewsRadio for the latest on hurricane Michael. And wheat could be. Seeing some of the remnants by Thursday. We're expecting some heavy downpours and thunderstorms on Thursday. Again, that could be the remnants of Michael KYW news time, ten thirty five in politics tonight. A lot of people were stunned US ambassador to the UN. Nikki Haley is resigning and that announcement coming so shortly before the midterm elections was unexpected by insiders and also pundits. We have two reports for you tonight. We start our coverage at the White House. CBS White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy. She announced her impending departure. Nikki Haley, didn't even wait for the question for all of you. That are going to ask about twenty twenty. No, I'm not running for twenty twenty th Washington Post reports she put that in writing vowing her resignation letter to support. Mr. Trump's reelection Haley's decision to step aside took most officials by surprise. But President Trump says, hey, I suggested she might want a little time off about six months ago. We're all happy for you in one way. We hate to lose your healthy radio becoming back at someone. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House to walk all foreign policy. Experts are now speculating what the future might hold for Nikki Haley, we continue our coverage with that part of the story and four K W Steve Talbot for those who speculate that she has political ambitions the forty six year old Nikki Haley, put that to rest for now making it clear that she would be supporting President Trump's reelection in two thousand twenty a professor of political science at the university of Pennsylvania, Michael Horowitz, says Haley has been a consistent voice for a strong America. I think it would surprise no one to see her run in a future Republican primary after President Trump leaves office simple law. Professor Dunkin Hollis says Haley is known to speaker mind often pushing further on human rights issues than the official Trump line. And unlike Mr. Trump, she also denounces racism at home, she has set her own course, she's certainly a rising star in the Republican party. She gets to move on and put her own feet underneath her and builds. Her own brand. Steve Taiwa, KYW.

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