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So that only is it free, and you have trained certified professional, that's helping you bet. It's also a smaller chance of having some type of mistake. That's correct. Because we go to what they call a process tech. The we made in the areas, and we tried to get tax payers all that. They'll qualify for special. The credits the help lower their tax liability in either a small balance do are higher refund. Yeah. More money. They try to make sure that those returns are accurate as possible without getting era of back from Internal Revenue Service. So so we were talking about making sure we're getting as much money back as possible. And what what about those folks that say, well, I don't make enough money to file my taxes. Is that true? When people say that some people say that, but make sure that you're not required to do a tax return and see if you're required to do a tax return because you some incidents, you income is so low that you're in that earned income credit. The possibility of getting a refund. That you come in any way, anybody with earn income should make sure that they're required to do. A return are required to. Yeah. And it's worth your time. Again, there's at no cost to you. There's no cost to folks, if you're if you're just joining, and again, we're talking about the volunteer income tax assistance program or vita offered through United way of southeast Louisiana is our seven pairs shivers area. But it's outside of that as well. So if you wanna find your site, you should call two one one, and they'll get you connected to the vita psychosis to or you can visit unitedway Seila dot org slash vita and find your side, as well, there Chiquita just mentioned Energy Corporation that they're one of one of our wonderful sponsors sponsors, rather. But we don't do this work alone. Certainly, and I know that this asset building coalition of southeast Louisiana play such a big role in this. If you can on the last few seconds here just give a shoutout to some of those those partners that work here as well. Okay. So SC building coalition is built several partners throughout the. The community. Those partners are to Xavier university. The Vietnamese initiative for Vietnamese ethnicity economic training university of holy crawls to lane travel is.

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