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Just my mom and the other truly was also another the mom so we had two moms dan dougherty who's also garbage these two garbage bombs that were just leading this but it was just awful. We did nothing. We never went to the woods. We never ever did anything wow girls in this laney's kitchen yeah. The girl scouts do anything besides like raise money. They do cookies. They didn't they bitch bihar so it's beeping little teases boxes of cookies. You know what i mean. That always happens when you're on the road when you go to like a walmart or something like that. There's always it's like some dance troupe. It's eight in the morning and you're like blurry walking in and it's just like some girl wearing a tutu or orange green or something selling bobo fucking candy bars. I always like looking around mom. They're always sell mkx. Nondescript like it's the box peanut butter cookies yeah. There's nothing did the here's the thing that's great about girl cookies. They are just awesome. They're actually really really fucking good so that their product all the other shit sucks. Those kids who sell candy bars sucks nondescript like milk chocolate. It's in a white wrapping or it's a girl scout. Sheri's chess fucking rule. They just nailed the product so everyone else is just figure out a good fucking product. They do so good would that other companies now make their has their own little knockoffs girl scout cookies shepherdess w keebler starbucks to try and like it was put these children out of business on there <hes> we're going to go ahead and take them take them out so like there's a lot of product girl. Who's gonna need it from those boy-scouts. Let's nip the show a little leg to make a sale. Let's do this man talks to your coffee in the boy scouts to make money to go to albany that was like a big trip for us to go to the capital. We were selling light. Bulbs came like wattage. It became like one of there's like let's sell a few and it's like this is hard. It's will you all yeah mashing them would would fuck up with <hes> when isabel was in the girl scouts and then have to just like by them like all night long. Yes you get to the by the mall and then resell them doing idea on the trunk. Yeah people love it though but james known as a company the dad on the trip camping trip let him go just do all my daughter's work for her. That was my mistake. She had some contest. The girl scouts cake decorating contest and hated it. You're my phone marilyn manson. Now i have a picture of my phone and the cake that they thought a six at your old did. It's crazy how good i decorated the ajay nolan valor. Jay is a gifted six year it as good with plato i would i left. I left my son with jay. Show or something like you and christine watch him. One day and i came back. They'd played their came back like two hours later james playing in the corner by himself. Look at a dust bowl. Jay's reading lists all when you left they had to the corner. Jay was just by himself. Creating elaborate fun dog was in fucking nice little dog cartoon dog. It was like really good martissant. I'm impressed. Tell you all right. Let me tell you. I feel about blue legitimately. We love lucia dixon thick so thick so hard what does it almost hurts doesn't almost hurt it makes my hard fat chunky forwardly obese dude i really does you know it's. I don't even take it. They take twenty minutes. It's before. I switch it up now. Take during dude now after well for people who don't know blue shoe is a shoe lable that has the same active ingredients as viagra cialis major dick hard yeah that made you dick raging boner. If you wanna fuck two or three times a night that's an easy number and it.

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