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Blood pressure was one thirty nine over ninety be prescribed an ace inhibitor it worked much fewer headaches now that i'm retired much lower blood pressure went off the medication no more headaches of that type that's interesting to i'd get migraine so i might wanted sought to my doctor about the toot samra but it sounds like a lot of folks like temer may a need to makes a variety of lifestyle changes temer mentioned when she stopped working her blood pressure went down which i think is something she should discuss whether old boss and then be they're all these other factors that could come into play in need pretension this is a complicated problem to solve it sure ends and there's a lot of genetic basis for high blood pressure there there's not one high blood pressure gene how much sought people eat fx blood pressure in many people stress affects blood pressure in some people and not in others the food they eat and can affect their blood pressure upper down and how they respond to stress can be affected migraines are somehow associated with blood pressure although it's not entirely clear and they are different different genetic basi's for these that's why there are so many blood pressure drugs on the market as well some people respond to the ason have better some people do well with just a diuretic which basically get some of the fluid out if your system other people have to use the betablocker drugs it's different for every person what's the sense that you get from the medical establishment of how people are doing with controlling your blood pressure clearly cardiovascular diseases the world's numberone killer so we may not be doing very well but it's also i think easier for people to think about developing official as opposed to joining a germ or walking around the block or buying more fruits and vegetables what's the sense you get from doctors about how their patients are doing well again this is something that's different for every person joshua but one big problem is that people don't take their pels high blood pressure doesn't causes symptom uh the the one person who said a message and said you know i had headaches but that's not the usual symptom usually you don't feel bad when you have high blood pressure and that's a problem with getting people to take their drugs they don't feel bad if they forget to take.

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