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Still more discounted than everything else. That's the hoodies everything. Everything is on the same level discount which is twenty five percent twenty five percent off everything with the exception of I have one night in which is a piece of electronics. That just can't discount because push don't control the price second of all you know margin. Olivia thanks for the review. What else did you want to say? Oh I KINDA WANNA send. Derek J. victimless crimes breeder letter media. See what they have to say about this red letter media reviewers you can meet reviewers. That'd be wonderful if it's available on Youtube right so yeah but I wanted to comment on Kamera thing is Kinda funny to me. Because I got an a debate with a friend WHO's a very Christian and very Very Anti Trans As the lifestyle and one of their big things was well your DNA is still male or female. So that's what you are. Because somehow they tied that the Bible I don't I don't exactly follow how they say somehow the Bible talks about DNA but like cryptically. I don't know but I just think it's so funny because it's like everything in nature has a eh has an exception and here it is here it is you can change your DNA too. So take that way to get a hold of this. I can change my gender biologically and not just in my mind. Olivia good call. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here tonight. Our toll free number is eight fifty five four hundred fifty free like freedom. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three more about Zoltan Istvan coming up here. One of his fans who's is also a listener. Freetalklive said he was coming to New Hampshire and asked if I wanted to interview him and like I don't know I don't really like talking to politicians but he's a little unusual. There's more coming coming up here. And you can share your thoughts plus Venezuela news next. What is it costing you in vet bills for that convenience of just pulling open a bag of formulated extruded? It trust US cereal. Bits that cost a ton of money. Anyway how do you feed your dog to derive not only energy but a good coach. Bright Eyes in a great attitude. Come to for help. I N. O.. V. I T. E. DOT COM I found is raw meat diet on dinovite Dot Com with just rob meat and the eggs in the diner by and the Supromega on top of it. Try Supromega fish oil by to get one free ground beef white rice Eggs including the shells and the dynamite supplement. And then the lickochops try lickochops. Buy Two get one free balances out his body and his mind and spirit. Adding adding dinovite to their diet. Has Every single dog and my Kennel looking better than they have ever looked. Their skin is so much better now that they're on the raw diet I don't even give them the kibble Eleni.

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