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Seem to absolutely love them so unless they're terrier of mine well unless they they have less Kate's terrier yeah years Cavaliers Trachis yet Cavaliers I'm not fond of pink easier so because they're brittle yeah their sharp but cal Sears or lamb Sears for the smaller dogs male parts have become more and more parts are showing up on the market place I'm not sure in years dried ligaments strike tendons yeah the trick is are good if you can stop those traits are a lot of fun I love to get those and you fill one and with peanut butter and you shove a banana in it and the little handful of kibble and then seal it and then freeze it and it's especially if I'm going to be busy but I'm gonna be running errands and gone or have that assignments deadline said the computer that I've got to work on sure I'll pull one of those out of the freezer and they'll be happy for hours yeah hooks I don't like them it took about brittle yeah that was a problem the the brittle and and get just a bit that that was active poncho threw it up just to settle with him I don't you I'll have to admit when my husband and I were doing weird spec writing a lot we take a German shepherds with us to the stable because they work reliably well trained they wouldn't her SO horses they would chase the horses and they love the day that Ferrier came and he'd be trimming hose and all of the dogs that belong to the people there he'd have five or six or eight dogs following him and he tossed the host bits but man when they're fresh off the horse and they're not dried stinky room in the stinky done press after the docks were thrilled they were happy but they come over give me a kiss and I think coming right off the horse they were probably softer than the commercially dried ones and so we never never had any issues that way never in the digestive upsets or anything like that but yeah bad breath try yeah try it stinks but there are dried tripe shoes and I have gotten those for my dogs in there not speaking for Laurie that something I got to try it now yeah it does not want I when I think of tripe I think of it is not a chewy at yeah yeah or she rose grow since often stinky yeah yeah tripe that you would get and cook if he would ever think of doing that that's not my culture but or my desire or whatever beat my kids should but I understand some people in it but the drug choose they look kind of like a bully stick but they're textured and they're not quite as hard as a bully stick with your they don't last very long at all but he's he's a power to our phones likes them he will kill on them yeah all right well we need to take a break first sponsor so hold on we've done a lot more to talk about when we get back stay it's a dog eat dog world will be right back after a short pause well four to be exact.

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