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But. You have to face the reality of the quality of non quality of the of the Manchester United squad comparing to what we knew in in the history of football. They are they really need to react during the summertime to find a better a better team because mention ated is not anymore mentioned saying Aidid again yesterday done that when say Aaron possession and the to fill box push on and the white guys can talk when the EFI lose SETI if United watch what Tottenham dead, which was the ball LA an over the top to expose on south weekend. It was the poor and Johnstone's. I don't know what the half paranoia beef say because it could change. But that's that's an achilles heel mess of honorability that when the laughs are two against one or two against hers, feel bucks per, Sean. When airings in particular was Logan and behind and son was running in caused them all saucy problems. That's the only way I can see sorry. United exp-. Using the reality. This game is the Manchester say Manchester City, put the effort and the commitment and that they have done over the last eighteen twenty four months then again because if you to shades, given all, but then comes down to ability, and if we're talking about ability, Manchester City on a different planet to Manchester. Nice not one player with I'm trying to think of top of my head. No, one player one player moment the United into the SETI site. Yes. The moment. Now. That's true. That's true. Not one even Puncak could. Indeed, what wouldn't have them. Anyone? Neil set aside at the moment agree, Mark new paint optimistic picture for United fans going into this game.

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