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Back <music> with an old dude story. He was three chairs away so without point she was just you know. She was just doing shifts and she yes she start with higher fate of never off. Monchy gets socks off Yes yes that's where we were used feels spitting on it dry. She was wearing flippers feeds taste. Yeah she had crocs so she's fucking so wait on Canadian high heels the line should have been this is how she would known and she was a sense of humor after the first hand job as soon as you come she goes now. I get the armrest you come from her foot. Yes my life but contain as well. A second time in like could just convinced the excitement of mine so I can't like the second blanket is like rude with more come to stuff that under the thing going to the bathroom right it was just in the bathroom just like wash catch myself and I just start laughing at myself. I say the worst of myself like nobody's ever going to believe you bond. She's Filipino. That's the lie you make up yeah like I'd I'd say the plane Oh yeah where she she was Philippino like. That's the goal to lie that you make up. Dude not checked. It wasn't do great as boarding the plane. You realize the hope Filipinos circus was behind. You can do everything with her and she she gets her. She gets her Kalayaan from tone above. She gets with open up in just a contortionist Ted. I heard urge you to what you told this story. If you went to check and it was dude yeah I wouldn't have told as quickly as with much bragging behind story we wouldn't have ended with and then I go to foot job because you have moved seats before then I yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Damore Norman one time I said what's it gazed things that are avenue and he goes. I got jerked off by Garuda boss and I went okay. I want to hear that story brigade. I like I I think I think things have shifted a tad bit with the me to <hes> sexual assault still is absolutely horrific but then there was a period guys were afraid to share any story because everything came off like oh the fact that you do and then the shift has happened to Tad bit where <hes> where it's it's it's okay to be and he's always been okay to be who you are yeah. I think those guys were like just keeping their mouths shot 'cause they were like I don't wanNA sound bad. I don't want to set like which isn't necessarily a bad thing there was this whole a fucking swimming rapists. You know the rock less no no not ED priced after the Brock Turner thing there was all these <hes> there's people that would be like Oh you know now much. My sons are terrified to have sex and they're asking for contain all the time before they have sex and you go. I don't see any of that's bad. There's nothing wrong with ever ever the much uncomfortable feeling but that's a positive reaction from this extra having an extra layer of like. I'm going to double check. Everything is necessarily a bad thing. I I mean I think what was happening at the beginning of the me too. They were saying if the woman's been drinking. It's rape and I think that has shifted. I think they now they're going. Hey people are people. Women are going to drink man. I was going to drink. They're gonNA fuck have drunk sacks yeah. I and I think actual people who'd gone through actual metoo assaults would the people who were any person that was like if you have sex with the drunk women that's Arabe people who've actually been sexually assaulted her like this incredibly people like Joan compare what I went through to that it guilty drunkenly cheat on a boyfriend and then they I put down to that instead of children the blame the infidelity they're really shitting on the he was actually how to such a small percentage of such as a as a very small percentage is what was the <hes> they had two handed the four handed condom it opened you read about that now. They're the four handed condom. That's it so that it was called a consent condom so in order to have sex you had four hands to open it and women came out and they were like hold the fuck and phone that means. They're going to bring the pros you saying that Ah you saying that like I don't know what what are all. I know the joke I wrote is there's no way that in a train whereas like three guys and they open it and they're all gonna raise them. There's no way that someone's like in a gang rape. I don't think the last guys the condom. I don't know everyone's been some of the stuff they come up with the to cut a major. It's a lot of time it's just companies trying to fucking virtues saying hey we know this is the problem. Signaling is so gross and I never do it so fucking funny. I told you tend to feminist your feminist pussy. Okay so that is we should probably get a get a a smaller glass and sample that one. That's a strawberry <hes> cider so there's some there's some smaller glasses back there. Maybe I filled this place up glasses. I've never never really drink back here. No no no. There's even smaller than that though yeah that's fine that's fine yeah remaining to rinse them. They dirty. I wish I had dietary things. I wish I'd like things right didn't like eating them. Everything everything I had been in the in the paper to pay the went and fished it out. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a place near Newcastle and the north of England called Blyth. It's like a main in community of coal mines and stuff but then the Kalman's closed down before I was born the people stayed as we always knows. Your Dad have a really thick accent yeah. I guess so yeah really yeah I mean I would you wouldn't consider it to be access also like his accent. I had no way he's talking is very positive from Mason his family yeah. I was talking to someone else from where I'm from that you wouldn't stand a chance. What does it sound like totally to you sound Flemish? What's GonNa be Evian? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. There was a guy who was from Jordi Shore. Yeah Yeah Yeah so that's that's my accent yeah. There was a guy that opened for me. I think I'm going to bring him on a couple dates and thank you. I got a murder this one. I'm on right now. I gotTA bring him. I'm GONNA bring them on a couple dates. In the fall tour a guy from show jody shows a comedian he Australia his name is rory. Something Rory Low yeah dreadlocks Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Very Nice Guy Very Fun yeah you around yeah because he so it wasn't on jody sure though no no no no he grew up there though all right okay and he got rid of his accent and me and Gavin must my tour manager were like she go back to your old accident so much better than the new when you have a hippie chain of lakes Lewis speaking like almost take the accident that comes with weed yeah yeah I carries out with Jodie lilt so it is the model WanNa does have a global accent is like Ed. No my where you go in the world. You can always tell us who has stolen vowel. Can I show you. I thought about you guys today. Because my friend Chris Stuff knowing Janas Papa Love Chris no they just shot a video on instagram. Can you pull up Krista Stephanos instagram and and this is so funny because I thought I bet people hear them to. This is how they talk in real life but I bet people hear them talking and go. Oh that's what like someone from Scotland would be like what the fuck is that but the way they talk is so fucking funny. It's on the honest or Chris's <hes> whether they criticize Chris Christie comedy I think America's such different fucking accents like the differences between fucking taxes in Chicago Austin was like a Cliche version of the American accident. I got Howdy howdy partner by department. I didn't know people actually and actually spoke like that. They were cowboys. We've said this before but like the at America's the only country in the world were stereotypes actually fully really exist. Oh yeah here here here here here. Ready hang on its Christie. Comedy is his instagram but or Jaanus the I'll just play the audio on my phone you ready hang on hold on this is what they really sound like and I was like Oh this if you took them to England people would be like the fuck you saying. This is how they really sound in real life right. We'll.

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