Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump, New Yorker discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Anthony Scaramucci out as White House communications director, Spokeswoman: Trump 'joking' when he told police to be 'rough' on suspects, U.S. slaps sanctions on Venezuelan president Maduro


What we know he he gave his approval to those comments last week and today of course he was out but john kelly the new chief of staff is the one intervening factor j jim acosta the wall street journal reported that in fact president trump was put off by the fact that reigns priebus did not respond inkind after anthony scaramucci trashed him to the new yorker now we're told that president trump found the comments in an inappropriate it does seem to be more driven by general kelly the chief of staff i would think i think so jake quit again this is a day of contradictions and chaos here at the white house the white house press secretary or the incoming white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders did not want to acknowledge that there is chaos in the staff you're at the white house that seems to be something akin to denying that the sky is blue obviously the staff is in chaos here at the white house she said well if you want to see chaos you come over and see how my kids play it at the house my suspicion jake is at her children perhaps behave better than some of the officials do here inside this white house when they're engaging in this sort of factional bickering that we see all the time i will tell you i thought another thing that was interesting here this was very much a briefing where i think the white house making it clear there showing anthony scaramucci the door she was asked during this briefing whether scaramucci will be a working at the export import bank and she said no that is not the expectation here at the white house and a jake i can tell you i talked to a front of anthony scaramucci said he had spoken with skirmishes earlier this afternoon who said that the mood share i had intended to show up for work at the export import bank.

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