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Fact, infected time to hit the beaches the start of the season in New York. I open Rockaway Mets lost to the Tigers city field. Nine eight Yankees royals rained out. Friday, a doubleheader later today. Clear skies and sixty one degrees on the Saturday morning may twenty fifth. Good morning. I'm Janice, writes, CBS news covers the world more than just the headlines. This is w CBS News Radio eight eighty. Two o'clock. You see the news on the hour. Real news. Real reporting Fontham photo, there was court action Friday involving one of the controversial new state abortion laws. Jim Krasula reports. A federal judge has temporarily blocked Mississippi six week abortion ban sets take effect July first the same judge throughout the twentieth. Eighteen Mississippi law that banned abortion at fifteen weeks. A lawsuit has been filed in federal court challenging, Alabama's new abortion law that all but eliminates the procedure in the state. It calls for anyone performing an abortion to face felony charges in up to ninety nine years in prison. Jim Krasula CBS new Fleming on national emergency. President Trump is bypassing congress to sell billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia and several other mini-state CBS news military consultant Mike lions. But as much pressure on Iran, you can quickly as possible, he knows congress would not approve these weapons to be sold to Saudi Arabia and their offensive in nature that Arabia will them again. Iranian backed militia forces in places like Yemen, and possibly places like Syria. US will also send hundreds of additional troops and a dozen fighter jets to the Mideast in the coming weeks to counter what the Pentagon calls an escalating campaign by Iran to plan attacks against the US in its interests in the region on the holiday weekend, weather watch there have been storms and twisters in the southern plains for days and flooding too that is not over. Here's correspondent, Omar Villafranca. People nor diesel the home are bracing for more flooding sustained heavy rainfall in this part of the state is shutting down communities along the Arkansas river on Thursday. The army corps of engineers was forced to release water through the keystone dam to V8. flooding concerns upstream, but that water. Gushing out at an estimated rate of two million gallons per second has to go somewhere and communities downstream are flooding in Reno county, Kansas, the sheriff warns of threat from an overflowing area dam here evacuations even in areas without whether problems or threats holiday travel, is not really a breeze. Now CBS news. Senior travel adviser Peter Greenburg. You'd have more and more people crowding into airports, more and more longer lines security checkpoints because TSA VHS, folks have been reassigned to our southern border because of that crisis. So be prepared for longer lines at almost every major airport. John Pinto has died at ninety four. He was one of the nation's longest serving native American elected officials New Mexico state Senator since nineteen seventy six but long before that he was also one of the fame, Navajo Kotok of World War, Two military radio men, translating, American coordinates and messages into an indecipherable code this news. CBS News Radio. Is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we give you the coverage you can trust. This is New York's NewsRadio WCBS NewsRadio eighty radio dot com station. Clouds rolled in morning, temperatures down to sixty degrees in central park, Debbie CBS's time to three. There's new health warning out of New Jersey after close to two dozen confirmed cases of legionnaires disease. Kevin Rincon has the story. The New Jersey department of health confirms twenty two cases of legionaires have been reported in Union County. Happened over the course of a couple of months, health Commissioner, Dr Sharieff Allen, the hall put out a warning. All residents of Union County, folks they're passing.

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