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Than ten minutes on wcbs now the wcbs forecast here's bill deger pressure building into the area warm high pressure that's so we'll notice temperatures going up over the next few days in fact approaching record territory by monday the rest of our saturday sunshine eighty five cooler upper seventies out at southampton around three of the us open partly cloudy low sixty seven tonight others day partly sunny eighty eight tomorrow monday quite hot and humid sunshine some clouds high recordtying ninety five to start the work week the old record from nineteen twenty nine factor in the humidity it'll feel like it's near one hundred in the afternoon tuesday some sun shower heavier thunderstorms as a cold front approaches high eightyeight behind that not as warm wednesday eighty to some sunshine bill deger in the wcbs weather center seventy three degrees gorgeous sunshine in in central park seventyseven in woodcliff lake seventy three in tarrytown it's ten fifty at wcbs this is international surfing day the informal holiday on the third saturday of june was created in part by the surfrider foundation which calls at a time to celebrate and enjoy the beaches and waves that we all love this will be a great day to celebrate the beaches and the wave since we're expecting a high of about eightyfive this afternoon lots of sunshine no rain in the forecast this year's theme is protect and enjoy raising awareness of ecological threats to the coastline in scotland more than one hundred.

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