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Body camera is currently being used by Phoenix police officers yesterday the central city precincts near sixteenth street mall hobby receive the latest round of body cameras Phoenix police sergeant Tommy Thompson says that she quit meant that the community I expect this to happen we as an organization want to have just to pre things remain in the department body camera roll out all Phoenix police first responder should be equipped with the cameras by August twelfth Taylor can up KTA our news story you heard first on Arizona's morning news the south Phoenix light rail extension could cost nearly triple what voters approved in twenty fifteen in new documents obtained by Katie a are the price tag is now an estimated one point three five billion dollars valley metros CEO Scott Smith says Phoenix will get two expansion south and west from downtown for that money but he knows voters could stop both next month through prop one oh five they understand that the project that they would be getting is a different more inclusive of a larger project that will improve the system and I'll just have to decide whether that's an investment they wanna make voters approved another proposition four years ago with five hundred fifty million dollars and the feds a pledge that same amount for the bigger project Smith does not believe all the money will be spent Arizona is getting some cash years after a data breach involving a health insurance company Arizona will get one hundred fifty thousand dollars from Primera Blue Cross after a hacker stole private information social security numbers bank account information and email addresses the money will go to the attorney general's consumer protection revolving fund his announcement said Primera knew about multiple weaknesses in its data security practices as found by its own auditors Peter say more K. T. A. R. news E. D. A. R. eyes on the economy good here is adding three new data centers the compass Davis center is just the latest in technology campuses coming to the city Laurie Gary with the city of Goodyear says there's a reason technology companies are building their demand all over the US for data center space is increasing and that is because of the increase in the usage of technology vantage and stream it data centers of also both announced plans to building good year the cost of building up your gas tank is inching back up in some places the energy department reporting nationwide the average price of regular unleaded is gone up four cents in the past week to two seventy eight a gallon the Midwest is seen a ten cent rise in the past week but the west coast has seen prices go down a few pennies that like stone you be seated triple a are as honest as we're paying an average of two eighty three this morning down to cents from a week ago and fifteen cents lower than a month ago a hot Cup of Joe to start your day or cold brew a new study looks at which is better for you and we will get back to that story out here we go doctors at the Cleveland Clinic say cold brew does not have as many anti oxidants than coffee that is brewed with hot water about fifty percent less anti oxidants help cut down on the risk of some diseases the doctors say out for arched coffee if you like it cold and if you love your cover with cream and sugar you're likely wiping out the health benefits the healthiest way is to have a black day driver ABC news and I know it's really popular right now you can buy the cold brews on you know a refrigerated or even on the shelves in the stores but I just like my hot coffee even you know it is a hundred fifteen degrees outside yeah is so many people know one of my little jobs's side but I would not side I'm the stadium announcer for Phoenix rising yes online and it's outdoors and I get the strangest looks when I go up they have a I coffee sponsor I I don't know if I can give out the whole name but it starts with Dutch and kinda hot I'll go up there before match and ask for a hot Americano in you think I had landed from Pluto I get the same reaction and yeah I mean they get it for me they're very nice about it that they're like wow you're the only guy in this place at once a hot beverage well yeah I'm working so there you go well we'll have to go to coffee together some afternoon the have to make to make a whole pot absolutely and we'll have all the room we want because that's what I also be there I well I'm wearing hot beverage anyway K. D. A. R. D.'s drive.

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