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God. I was choked so so this year says i clicked on the link and led me to a site that was so believable in all caps even season scam detector. The link protect dash ups dot com legit and they fully designed a ups site. I later realized none of the links worked it was just a pdf. I clicked schedule new delivery and it took me to a page where i was supposed to enter. My credit card info saying future delivery attempts would cost two dollars and fifty cents to me. So i went back to the previous page and saw that my package was being held at unit. Nine rose mark business park. Google says that's in dublin ireland. I'm in saint. Louis missouri ha. That's when i knew for sure. I you should have no your credit card info and it was going to take two dollars and fifty cents. Because that's not a thing a thing and you show you. Ps package or ups bag. Go down there a fight with the man at the calendar period period and honestly. That's that's after they've done at least two or three tenths to deliver it. Like i'm going to check like redick liver when i get that little sticking on my door. You know because if they do if they do the thing the first time i know. They're not about that life and they probably best sticker up there lift. Didn't even do no attempt so all. I've done that where i will be like. Yes we deliver. And they re deliver. And i've gotten it but there are times where yeah i have had to go and the people of the desk. Yeah no. I'm all about like if i see a sign i'm just going to drive there and get it myself because sometimes you wear home and i'm like i was sitting at home all day. Yada knock. oh call you know ken. Nobody run you know. We retired from the olympics. You start working. Ups or fedex. Because you we love you have the speed of light on your hands. We'll say we'll deliver packages when he retired. I don't think they expect you to run the packages there. They do because they've never opened the door and saw a man or ups man. No i've just.

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