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Yes. He truly truly did the Florida Gators were beaten by his Kentucky Wildcats. And there was a show going on in the in the booth across me. I was like, hey, let's get that guy on. And he, he saved not only the segment, but that show he made me feel a whole lot more comfortable in Bristol. And now we get the chest talk getting that, thank you so much for joining us. Yeah. That was a crazy night in Bristol, I was running around looking for people to celebrate with both people were just asked me to be quiet because they were in the building. But you'd be the team for the first time in thirty one years, you should get to celebrate you deserve. It was it was a fun time. We've got the chance to hang out for a few minutes now. We get another chance to hang out. So everybody knows the names, Iowa. Msn right. Everybody knows the name RJ bear. And of course, John Moran came into our purview last year. But you being right there big blue nation. You see your fair share of not only SEC basketball, but a lot of really good prospects, who are the other picks that we might be overlooking in this last twenty nineteen MBA draft. Why 'bout this draft was actually really week after the top three that you mentioned was I- and Moran and Barrett? But what I think is interesting about that is really starting with pick four where Lanta took me Andrea hundred you can go all the way down. Honestly, maybe thirty where quarter got picked and I could. See almost any of those guys ended up being the fourth best player in the draft windy. You say that you like you never really do. But, like take Kelvin Johnson expected player that went twenty nine to San Antonio. I am not certain that in a year, he's going to be any worse than like we're in, you know, then Cam Johnson, who went eleven new Phoenix. So I don't really I think you can get a lot of guys. I'll tell you a couple of guys. I like I love the kid. He went the top of the second round Claxton from Georgia. I watched him for most of the SEC season. I think he's highly underrated. He's a perfect example of a dude who dropped mostly. He was rising towards the end of the draft. But then dropped right Rypien. I also really liked Kobe wise. It's going to Chicago. I think he would have been the guy. I would've taken at four just because I think he's so quick and explosive, but I think the strap is really weird Zion sucked up, so much of the energy nationwide that a lot of people don't know these guys for. Thirty and I think somebody's gonna come out of there is a sleeper that ended up being really good so mad when you talk about Zion taking up all the energy and a lot of the other talents being overlooked. I heard you, I think it was yesterday would Paul finebaum show. My question is this, then if that's the case who one draft night, then. Well, look, I mean, the pelicans one impart. I'm not a huge fan of Jackson Heyzer they picked eight. But I love the Tucker kid that went seventeenth. But really, it doesn't matter because it's nine college basketball last year was just design Williams himself. I mean nationwide. He was the story now. I think that's good for college basketball. Even as a Kentucky guy, immig Duke, when you have a star that sport can rally around. That's a pause. It was like that in twenty fifteen when Kentucky was trying to go forty you know and that team was on TV every night. That's good for the sport. So as I was awesome for it, and he's going to be great and the pros. Now, I will say this, I think it's going to take him a little longer than the average person does. Like I hear all these people say he's gonna make the all star team next year. I think that's insanity. But I do think he's going to be really good and his star power just in terms of star power. He enters the league as probably one of the five to six most marketable people in the league and that has. What happened since LeBron and that is really exciting. Yeah. But man, we, we can't we gotta make sure though we don't put any extra pressure on them because David Griffin has civically said he is not. Orleans pelicans. Well, but he's, but he's like, he won't be Jrue holiday will be the best player when the first game of the season starts. So I understand why he says that now with that fed. Nobody cares about drew holiday eat raw down. And they would go. Oh, yeah. There's that gap. Zayn Williamson's rockstar, and that's who people's going to people are going to care about. But you know with that team with Brandon Ingram. Lonzo ball, I think they'll probably add another piece during free agency that teams the playoff contender. And what's interesting is, it's very rare for the top pick to go into a situation where they can immediately win. You know, Tim Duncan did it 'cause they robbed got hurt the year before, but that doesn't happen very often, and I think he's he's gonna win as a first year, and that will only help his high because he's doing a team that's really not all that bad. Matt jones. I was gonna ask you a question about the draft. But I want to pick up on something, you just said when you save that Zion going to the pelicans because of what they were able to get from the Lakers, and maybe who else they pick up in free agency when you say that he's going to win. Are you saying that you think the pelicans are going to win win at all? Or just get conference. I mean, they, they can make the playoffs in that again, if you go back through history. Just go look at number one picks. I don't I mean, I don't remember the last time a number one pick made the playoffs in his first year. Lebron didn't. So I you know, again him Duncan is the is the best example because he 'cause Robinson got hurt and all that, and they were really good the first year it just doesn't happen. And I think it can happen was, I think that's a playoff team. And that just he gets a benefit that very few gifts. I haven't drew holiday that amazing trade. They got any gets to play with young dudes, who will learn with him. So I think he could not have asked for a better situation from a basketball standpoint than where he ended up going who's going to have the best career the top three picks. That's a great question. I think it'll be fine. But I will say this RJ it is. I think the dude in the draft that will be the most helped by playing pro instead of college basketball, I never really thought he quit completely fit in with what do did I watched RJ Barrett alive, the summer he led Team Canada to the under eighteen world title? And I thought he was like transcendently good. John cale Perry. I've heard him say, sort of privately that he thought RJ bear. It was as good as he as he had seen at that age now. It didn't really show up at Duke in that same way. But I could totally would not shot me if in ten years, ours bear, actually ended up being close to his good. If not better. Everybody about that. He is my microphone was, I was rambling on. Do realize that made you shut up for. Surprised by the whole thing will tell you. Wait a minute, which is happen as, as we let you go here. Tell us about the big Lou nation can contributions to this this draft because I'm a big Tyler hero fan. And of course, it's, it's where you go and the infrastructure that that team has to develop you. Of course, I love his outfit, and I think he wanted to try to sue, but tell us about the guys from Kentucky that you were able to watch over the last couple of years, PJ, Washington goes to Charlotte. He's a solid player. I think he's exactly what Michael Jordan likes to draft, Michael Jordan, maybe more than any other GM like I like to do that. I heard of in college. And since that guy, I think he's I think he will be a solid pro. I do not think you'll be a superstar, but I think he's a good solid pick. You'll be a rotation player for twelve years Tara, heroes. The do that's feast or famine if he gets in and gets confident he could end up being a great player 'cause he's a great shooter. He's, he's more athletic than you think. Kids. Actually very arrogant, which I think will make him fit in so well in my it like his era gets in Miami is going to be hilarious to watch from afar. And Kevin Johnson, who I thought really didn't have a very good year. Kentucky perfect spot for him in San Antonio. He won't have to do much. He can develop in two three years. I think he wound up being another one of those San Antonio late first round pick ups, that you go, man. How did we not see that coming? But the feature famous guys Tyler tower hero could be one of the five best players in this draft. He could be somebody that never makes it, it'll all be about him. And whether or not he splashes, totally it was kind of like me on radio. Cut it out. I love getting the finally beyond here with you. I've heard about you so much. I hear people say to me you should hear these takes Taylor has..

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