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Mitch I guess don't fail yourself. Okay Wow I'm the obt your Anne and don't fail the battle on please gathered learners head to the Jedi temple. Teach US everything we need to know about the other clone wars the only Gandhi Tartikoff Skis Star Wars clone wars the micro series which debuted on the cartoon network in two thousand and three Gandhi. Tartokowski represents kind of American success story. That should be available Elba. Everyone can he was born in Moscow. Nineteen seventy beginning in the early seventies. The Soviet Union with basically no explanation began allowing significant numbers of Russian Jews to leave the country in nineteen seventy seven same year. New Hope hit theaters. His parents had dentist Senate Assistant. Principal move the family to the US in search of a better life and they ended up in Chicago. Haga I just wanted to fit in. I wanted to be American. I wanted to be normal. Gandhi said in two thousand seven mini doc about his career. Young Gandhi immersed himself in American popular culture comics cartoons of course star wars. When he was sixteen his father passed away and a steady paycheck became important career goal? He considered studying. Advertising is in college but when the classes he needed filled he took what was open animation. It was a moment but one that Gandhi where he earned whether he understood would it at the time or not had been working toward quote in high school. I would drink on Friday night. Wake up on Saturday with hangover and watch my cartoons. Tarkovsky said in two thousand thousand eight during a speaking engagement at the Rhode Island school design deep in my heart. I have always loved animations by the time Lucasfilm approached cartoon network about a potential. The animated series to tie together episodes. Two and three Charter Kofsky had already established himself. In the Industry He had created Samurai Jack dexterous laboratory and helped produce use the power. Puff girls quote. I was out with my boss and this would be my collazo vice president programming at cartoon network and he goes Gandhi. We might have star Wars Turkovsky said at the two thousand fifteen on C.. International Animation Film Festival. In France the reason for Lucasfilm's interest in an animated series is is an almost perfect encapsulation of the unique relationship that merchandising and creativity have in the Star Wars universe the Prequel who'll based toys manufactured under license by Hasbro. We're not selling well folks credible. According to Gandhi Laszlo told him that quote the the movies didn't do as well and then sells many toys as has were wanted so they kept begging George. We need more content in between the movies. Lucasfilm pitched the idea of an animated needed serious to cartoon network. The initial idea was that the episodes would be one minute long. I said well I would love to do it. But one minute episodes are basically commercials. And so I don't really want to do that. But if we can get at least three or five minutes I could see what we could try and do with charge. Kaczynski told Lisa Grant Shaw at SCIFI DOT COM in two thousand fifteen lucas An Apparent Fan of Samurai Jack Greed. The project went from theoretical to happening very quickly quote. It was one of those things that just kind of happened in conversation. In the next next thing you know they go. Yup You can have more time and you get two weeks to make a presentation so then it's me and the art director Paul Rubbish just kind of freaking out and figuring out what's going to be the style. What are we going to actually do for it? Because they said we just want clone wars so we had to figure all that stuff out in two weeks time. Tarkovsky told Sifi the vaulting show show star wars clone wars debuted in November. Two thousand three. It was the first star wars television series since the E. Walks animated series which ran from nineteen eighty eighty five to nineteen eighty-six series covered events linking attack of the clones to revenge. The prequels prequels basically within prequels Tartokowski and his team team had to stay within the boundaries. Set by the film's while not contradicting anything that might happen. Insists with an edict to keep character arcs and plot progression to a minimum star hours clone. Wars had to depend on action to tell the story his mission statement for Samurai Jack the series which he was working on before clone wars is instructive in this regard as he said at the NC NC Film Festival in two thousand fifteen quote. I always complained about action shows so I go okay. I'm going to do an action show the way I see it stylized visuals rules visual storytelling little dialogue artistry combined with bad ass action and this philosophy would of course carry on to his next project clone wars which even even by. Today's standards is extraordinarily violent. Yeah it's knocks violent. It's pretty wild. It's depiction of warfare. At least to my eye I draws more on news coverage and general cultural awareness of the Iraq war and modern warfare rather than the kind of world were too aesthetic that the prequels is known for drawing on the fighting is grim and urban and desperate crash clone troops pinned down by snipers smart art missiles homing in on targets. The show was produced using mostly traditional animation techniques pen and Pencil and paper which candy prefers clone wars uses is this style to depict space warfare in the air and cities and underwater cities on a titanic scale and the Djeddai meanwhile are almost godlike hot like one can sense influence of the matrix in a standout sequence involving Mace windu. If you've only wash films you might be a little perplexed. By macy's reputation. Mutation as a master swordsman. He quitted himself well in the battle of genus and of course decapitated Django in front of his quote unquote son clone son. A later though some would disagree he basically got owned by palpitation. I mean palace killed his colleagues right in front of him and then Maye duel with him for a while at Basically Twain with them also distracted by Annika who had spent his entire life doubting basically ago in Tartikoff's Ke's clone wars you understand why Mason by extension the SU feared and respected. Mace finds himself surrounded by an entire army. Needs keynotes like when I say Army a whole whole army like I don't know ten thousand battle droids he then proceeds is dispatched to them all by himself. Force hurling them away in vast numbers like they were matchsticks breaking their Chelsea's with punches and kicks six dismantling them with gestures than using the pieces like a storm shrapnel to shred more score upon score of droids. I'm not sure any jet lead. I in a video medium has ever been as powerful as this six minute or so segment of Mace in the original clone. Wars animators I mean. He's just like unbelievable. Delighted by the one-sided demolition a young boy smiling and thankful for the jet is actions to free his planet landed offers me to drink from his canteen may success then proceeds dead serious like twenty miles away it's like he just jumps jumps into the fray which is in the distance and he just like flies twenty miles. It's nuts homeland or ask. It's so crazy crazy. This series introduced several original characters. Most notably assange venturous in general grievous. Yes while do they grievous now in his first appearance in this incredible look exactly the say exactly the same count do happens. Upon the death of Marianne assange venture at gladiatorial arena and noting her talent talent the force he poached her as his apprentice and extended duel between assange and an-and is a particular highlight of her appearance on the show. Grievous I was asked for personally by Lucas before the second season quote he called me to San Francisco. I had lunch with him. We talked about Star Wars and then he wanted me introduced general grievous and it is quite an introduction. The good general cuts through six jet nights with ease. Killing three in sequence. Plays quite like an animated harpen with grievous. Like hanging upside down like a vampire than just appearing out of nowhere fighting them with to light sabers that he holds in his hands and then he holds with his feet. It's the way you hear your hand before. You see 'em or shadow creeps into the frame. It is quite impressive. Several of the voice actors from Star Wars would continue in their roles in the various series and video video games which followed James Arnold Taylor. follows mel on twitter. Now great moment in my life. I followed him first but still Joe's great absolutely nails you and McGregor as you would like to mail your nails you and Macgregor's mellifluous stones and would go on voice obi-wan-kenobi among others in the two thousand eight clenwar series that followed as well as stores rebels. Tom Kaine as Yoda Corey. Burton is count. DUKU would go onto play zero the hut in the clone wars and a few other characters because episodes were briefed the dialogue even for the primary characters was spare. You'd you'd spend more time parking your car than you would going in to do it. I just come in and say man antic etiquette. Why and Aleve? I love it. Star Wars clone wars ran from two thousand and three to two thousand five. The series was a hit for the cartoon network network. The show twice won the Emmy for outstanding animated program of more than one hour for CBS's wanted to end the Emmy for outstanding individual animation for background key designer Justin. Tom Thomson after the series Gandhi. Still Preaching the Gospel of Traditional Two d animation did work in advertising and return to same jack in two thousand seventeen. He since moved onto onto movies with. The hotel Transylvania series next in line. Now you may be asking what about the action figures information. It's hard to come. How `Bout Hasbro of course did capitalize on the success of clone wars by releasing action figures based on the series included a size for interest and it can mace ace? Obi Wan Yoda Duke. Agrees and clone troopers among various others. The idea of a star wars television show see you clone wars. We see rebels. We see resistance assistance. We see the Mandolin. Plying the uncharted waters between star wars movies is something we take for granted now is completely normal and and that is all because of star wars clone wars. Thank you to Anikin and your shirtless sequence with your body paint great stuff thank you for almost having sex with Padma in an alley. They came really close. Hello really close strategic pause there. You know what I'm saying. You great show if you haven't seen this yet you're wondering how you think it sounds great and boy is it. You can undo some very light googling and find your way to a nice handy edited cut of this on Youtube where it's all right there for you in one sitting delightful now I presume you are acquainted with the collection of half truths and hyperbole known as one Kanobi am I well. Let's how to get better acquainted. I would biblically well. Let's help acquaint everyone else before we conclude today's episode.

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