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Yeah there you go thank you for say so tell us about june yeah i'm getting a much better feeling for june super looking forward to fellow leo bumgarner coming back vita that will really be the big energy boosts for the team and moore's was aquarius look at a month brandon crawford had and i agree with you guys i think he deserves to win more than scooter jeanette but that's just me i don't think i'm being a homer i really think he contributed more and a quick get well soon for brandon belt april twentieth nineteen eighty eight thirty years of age taurus is very determined the challenge was you're on planet of expect the unexpected in taurus connecting to his son interests and that can bring a lot of unexpected incidents and dramatic things that you need to deal with so the good news is he's young he's thirty he's a quick healer but you know he was he was doing really well so it was a bit of you know startling but they got that handled superquick so i'm having you know good feelings about him returning i don't know if you call this early vita said he had similar things happen to him he was talking about you know the the quickness of this injury i mean that was the same thing you know he came to the ballpark you said he was fine and enduring batting practice started feel uncomfortable and he said yeah let me try it and he even last three innings and sure enough last night atas appendix taken out we're speaking andre in berkeley you know some of those things happen though you know and it's just as you said andrea you know it's how fast the medical staff can take care of it rusher off them and let the healing begin lottery numbers lottery numbers she's gonna give them to you if she has a well we'll split yahtzee.

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