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Was Anak Davis, speaking last week after the 12 year old was shot inside his home. You see the story, and I think it was on wthr. However, father, a new homeowner had to hang a sign up on his fence outside of his house That said, new homeowners. Old owners moved out. Do not shoot my house. Kids live here. That's where we're at in the city right now, because previously a few weeks ago, Ah stray bullets came in this guy's house, and he has kids and his neighbors said You have people have shot at that house in previous years. So again, he had to go out. Spend his own money. Make a giant sign on the house. Put it right in front of the fence in big red letters. New homeowners, old owners moved out. Do not shoot my house. Kids live here. Imagine. Having to make that sign and imagine having to put that up outside of your house. This is Indianapolis. This is who we've become. And it's sad what I loved about hearing from that activists, audio that we played was this was ah, black man in the community standing up and we need more of this man and we said this to Reverend Charles Harrison when he came in And joined us the other day. Guys like you and I night we can talk about this. Rick Snyder of the F O. P and even Jo Hogg, said the mayor of Indianapolis. We could talk about the crime in the inner cities, but nobody that lives there wants to hear that speech from a white guy. There has to be people in the black community that are willing to stand up and take their neighborhoods back and Reverend Charles Harrison when he joined us earlier. He talked about just that. I know in the last week or so black leaders have been talking to each other who have not worked with each other in years. But I think it's a such a great concern now, and people are filling the urgency because no describe rocketing that. I'm hoping that we're gonna see some positive movement among black leaders in the city of in Annapolis toe to address this issue among ourselves and with our elected officials because we really need to have a meeting with them, and we cannot allow them not to meet with us An address this issue. You should go back and listen to an entire interview wnbc dot com Go to the Hammer and Nigel Page because We didn't talk about some positive things that happening with with Harris riven Harrison in the 10 Point Coalition in certain areas that they've patrol now that I've gone a year without a homicide, not saying a year that a shooting but a year without a homicide, there's several locations where the 10 Point coalition will go and patrol several dangerous places that have not had as much action as others. But, man, he can't do it all. Reverend Charleston, Harris. That Reverend Rev. In Harrison can't be expected to do it all by himself. The 10 Point coalition, they can't know. And what they're doing is not 100% because I hear some haters once in a while, say, Well, I heard about a shooting a crown point. I heard this. I heard that. No one's saying that this is a 100% full proof plan, But every little bit helps right now again. Ask any law officer. How many shots fired calls they take? It's insane. It's embarrassing. It's like a war zone on the weekends here in Indianapolis, but anything you can do to help. Please do so. And if you're an activist, if you're somebody in the community, put the politics aside. I don't care if you voted for Trump If you voted for Biden, If you voted for Obama, we got kids being shot in their houses right now. So we have to do something, man. We got to be better than what's going on right now and nights. India isn't the only place where violence is happening. There was a deadly shooting and San Jose in a rail yard earlier today, nine dead including the shooter. Oh, man, just just we We just want something through something like that here in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, so Hearts, thoughts and prayers going out to the people of San Jose. That's awful. It sounds like the shooter was a former employee of this rail yard. And that story just heartbreaking. And then you've got, you know. Neighborhood violence like what's going on in Portland. So last night? Portland was just wild. They were quote unquote celebrating the one year anniversary of the George Floyd murder, and you had antifa mobs. Rampaging downtown Portland, smashing up businesses setting off smoke bombs, black smoke bombs to conceal themselves so nobody can see them on videotape. When they try to smash these windows and set fire to city Hall. That's what was going on in Portland last night. Sounds a lot like an insurrection to me. Breaking into police precincts smashing up setting fire to City Hall's sounds familiar. And in Chicago. This video's been going a little bit viral. Here's a black lives matter, protestor somebody that's been dubbed the leader of this group. And she's got a bullhorn, and she's talking about how she and her crew Are going to carry out revenge killings against police. Well, Mom way. Don't know about.

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