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Been documented by doing. What's called functional magnetic resonance imaging and kids with autism kids with autism have a huge increase in incidence of seizures. I should say not. All kids with autism are born to women with obesity. Type two diabetes. Not all kids with autism have seizures about. There's a big increase incidents that is more kids with autism ab seizures. Then kids don't have autism and then an animal studies. There's some genetic miles that are actually pretty good for autism. There's something called fragile x syndrome and the gene is known for that and when that gene abnormality is put in mice. And then you. You put the mouse in a cage which a bunch of other mice. The mouse goes in the corner doesn't want to interact with other meisam. In kind of measure this propensity la interact so kind of social withdrawal and and those mason their brains they have hyper hyperactivity of gloom Neuronal networks so there is some evidence that kids with autism. Exercise can help them. Certainly we know. I know i used to coach. High school cross country in my kids ran. And i know that during the cross country season the kids are their mood is much better than when they're not running. They're more relaxed less ornery and So right and then the exercise and intermittent fasting up regulate the gabba tone kid. Johnny guys will do that too. So ben resting. I think it'll be interesting to try. Intermittent fasting and kids with autism. Perhaps kinik diet as well very very interesting mark to kind of shift back to the women part of this story. There's been a lot of questions about whether or not fasting affects women differently at different than men. And you know if women if women Should should fast or if it affects their cycle menstrual cycle or hormones. Thyroid things like that whether we're talking about like Internet fast. That's more more Straw like longer than temperature to eating something more. Like a maybe twenty four to forty eight hour or perhaps even more prolonged fast. Do you have any thoughts about that. Yeah.

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