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And you know, the other thing too is that in Philadelphia now, you know, done it when we were growing up tonight or on the flyers. And like when the old man was happy things were good. And when the old ban wasn't happy things got changed, and that's the way work, and and now with Mr. Snider passed away a couple of years ago, and it's kind of a corporate group. You know, the Comcast group that owns the flyers. I'm not exactly sure we'd making the decision, you know there. It's a it's more of a corporate structure. I know Paul homeland is he's the guy that eventually his name gets on the, you know, the release, but you know, how much input comes from. The corporate management structure above him. You know, and how much they have to say in this. So the bottom line is for the flyers. They've got to play better. They've got to figure out their goaltending situation. They've got a combination of some some veteran players that have been playing very very well. And some young players, you know, that they feel can be really good players. So the window for that all gnashing, you know closure. Ruse best years. Jacob four checks best years, even James van ravens cycle. They recently signed as a free agent and was injured for a good part of the season. I mean will they jive with when you know, I've improved RAF is at his best. Then maybe Carter heart becomes the goalie down the road. I don't know still. I mean, that's the window. Can you get all those things at the same window? I'm not sure, but they and the one other thing too is they don't really and it's not a fighting league anymore. We know that there's there's not those types of players, but in Philadelphia, I think they do like to have their team nasty and hard to play against and the flyers have had to fight. At the team this year to fighting majors and they've only come in the last couple of games. And again, not that you're gonna turn your team into the seventy five broad street bullies. But you know, there might be a sense in Philly. Like, hey, we have you know, that's where we are. We have to be a little bit harder to play against and we aren't right now. So there's a lot of things I think the problem what do it? I'll be very curious to see what happens. I didn't think they've axles days along there without Ron Hextall. And there is there is a place in Philly that could go out and could afford to make a deal with Joel when Ville the bringing him good point as well. That's a very good point on. They have the money to do it. Now, it's interesting because you're going to let go of both of them today if you wanted to so we'll see if it's just a reprieve until they can get something worked out with Joel or whether he thinks or the organization believes that hack stall will will be given a couple of weeks to maybe prove that he deserves to stay. But if they had a problem with say Hextall, not firing hack stall that I would think both of. I'm would have gone today. So we'll see if he could take the opportunity. Yeah. It's a little strange. I agree with you. I think it's odd because I think there has been some push especially because we've seen in the last several weeks as I mentioned, the Oilers made to change the things may change the hawks may changed teams. But making changes the blues meta change. It seems like that's the move that comes first. And if nothing else comes in tandem, but in this case suppliers have made this decision. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out over the next several them that should be interesting. All right from the negative to the positive Buffalo Sabres on an amazing run nine game winning streak. But if you dig a little deeper EJ eight of the nine games decided by one goal five of the nine games in shootout or overtime. So is this team that's coming together? And is a legitimate force in the National Hockey League. Or is this a team that you know has been quite fortunate during this nine game run..

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