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And this Louise Robert is Been compared since he was 16 years old. To the greatest in baseball of baseball players is amazingly rangy, fast on and an accurate fielder. He's in center field, He ranges well into left and right field. Got incredible in his big He's when he is a string bean when he started But he's now I don't know what they're doing in baseball, but the workout I just wasn't is that whatever they're doing in terms of strength training is working because this guy is a monster, and he's one of the most gifted batters. Never So we'll just have to We just have to say I don't want to get too out of it. And Eloy Jimenez is absolutely amazing and a great personality and then you get your Makato Who is going to be? I think one of the Great offensive players, and he's a great It's great, but his defense has gotten so good. Over the last two years. Unbelievable scene any preseason games and then at the other side. Now you've got a brother who is just one of those players that is a fan favorite that you love him because his heart is in the game, and he's incredibly dedicated and begged his way back onto this team. Cause they were going to move him. And they need him and the fans love him. It's It's just a great story. Great. They've got three great catchers. They've got a pitching staff that is young, dedicated and could be great. If they're great. Look out, they will go. 59 1 if they are If they can just hold it together. You didn't even mention the fact that they all feed off each other. Usually 11 just one person gets on base, and then it's a ripple effect. It's true. I mean, just think about the the's the runs that they score in those 1st 2 games against the Cubs. They had a six run inning and a five run inning. The Cubs were looking at each other, like, Wait. We'll go Mobile, but well, well, well. Well, what's going on here? Grandpa Rossi started feel like a grandfather in the middle of all that, and I got to say I got I got much love. Much love for this cop comes I know you guys don't but I do And I'm looking at this like, Wow. They are getting spanked. I mean, cover both teams in town row. I think the Cubs are going to be very competitive this year. No love for me. You know you don't Unless I'm you start with her the same Mr whether she she will take somebody's head off. Well, it's very exciting. Tonight. It all starts to pre game starts right here with Mark Szymanowski at 6 30 then you got any maser and deejay in the booth, calling the game just great sounding and and was also announced that are our friend and the late, great Ed Farmer is going to be honored by the team, right? Yeah, they off far. MIA patches on the right sleeve. Very cool. Very cool, and there's I think there's now they're doing some of the outfield to form. Yeah, there's gonna be a pregame ceremony with tributes at all right. We'll talk to Dmitri is ivory. Was scheduled to appear. In this life in the next lot coming up every news right now the North Western medicine newsroom..

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