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Morning. Welcome to the Great Outdoors Show. It's Charlie Potter host here on WGN Radio. Thank you for Tuning in this morning and joining me. Air quality, not something we talk a lot about the Midwest. But May be a harbinger of things we're going to talk about. Salt Lake City where I was this past week experience the worst air quality in the world. Not in America, not in Utah, not in the West. But the entire world One day last week. I imagine that the city of powder snow Blue skies. You know, there's all the brochures Everything about Utah's crystal clear skies and they had the worst air quality in the world. That air quality and Salt Lake because we're east of it comes right across the great Plains and dissipates over much of America. Why would I be talking about Salt Lake City and air quality when we're all sitting here and nice, beautiful Chicago because what's happening is the result of two of events. Both of which look like they're going to be with us for quite a while, and neither of which has anything to do with combustion engines or man made pollution. The first is fires as we all know, the fires in the West have been just awful this year. And The smoke from the fires. We've had him in Chicago. You got terrible smoke up and northern Minnesota if you're listening, uh, In Toronto and the East Coast. Awful smoke from the fires billowing out of California and, you know, large extent and then also out of Oregon and Washington to a lesser extent, so Smoke was part of the reason. The other part of the reason is that the Great Salt Lake has reached its lowest water levels in recorded history. To make ordinarily would be something like 18,000 square miles and sides. It's less than 9000 Square miles in size. Now, the drop in water is, I guess it's hard to know entirely but we're in the we're in the 11 to 12 Ft area, the lake. Line 1000 square miles of water Still a lot, but not when you're supposed to have 18,000 square square miles of water, so the drawing up of the Great Salt Lake Has exposed All kinds of salt flats that blow in the wind. Very, very fine dust, and by the way, the fine dust particles are loaded with chemicals. Which is not Christine Mud that My crack up and not blow away. This is salt particles and and and little dust particles that are filled with the stuff. You don't want to breathe because the great Salt Lake is also been a major industrial mining area. Almost since settlement. Not only for salt, but also for other minerals. So the air quality in the Great Salt Lake region up against the Wasatch region, All of Utah has just been awful, and now was the worst in the world. The reason I say this is something we need to pay attention to is, as I've spoken a lot about for years, the forest fires that are ever increasing. Look like they're going to be ever increasing because of what has been such terrible forge forest management for so long and the drought that is gripping the West. Even if the drought goes away, the chances of the great Salt Lake rising precipitously are somewhat slim because of the amount of water that's being taken out of the Great Salt Lake for urban development, agricultural purposes, mining purposes, and so it's a situation that I think it's going to continue, and if it continues there, it will affect the air quality across A pretty large swath of the Heartland of America, including us here in Chicago. So America. We had the worst air quality city in the world. And we think of things like Beijing and Shanghai and areas like that. But you're gonna brings me to a great headline. Plane to it was in the Wall Street Journal recently, China plays the climate card. As you know, I don't talk about one side or the other global warming or climate change. I feel my rope. My role here is most of the great outdoors show is is just to provide information. You're all smart. You can make up your own minds. But you want to believe I don't I've never had given you an opinion one way or the other on this simply providing information, and I thought this was a heck of a headline. China plays the climate card. Senator John John Kerry pleads with Beijing collide pleading the station collides with great Power rivalry, basically The sub headline is China has this over a barrel. Uh, It's been and I'm reading now from the Wall Street Journal. Just for a second, it's been popular to proclaim the climate changes attack threat to America's national security. China and the Communist Party. By far the world's top emitter of greenhouse gases has taken note this American delusion that climate change is our top threat in America. Has turned into a major source of strategic leverage for Beijing. And the foreign minister of China made it very clear that John Kerry, our climate envoy in an explicit Lecture. To him last week. Uh, the US quoting the U. S side was the climate change cooperation to be an oasis of China U S relations, you said But he insisted that China US cooperation on climate change and not be divorced from the overall situation of China. U. S relations period. End of quote. What does this have to do the great outdoors? It has everything to do with the great outdoors. For years. I have said that the Paris climate accord may be well intentioned. But if China does not have to participate in the reduction of carbon Emissions as the rest of the world does. It's a fool's errand because China is the largest admit her. Of pollution in the world. And they were given a hall pass. Because there are quote unquote developing country. Well, I think most of us with any sense at all. Feel like well, we saw the Olympics in China. We've seen him a couple times now. But China really a developing country. It looks like a pretty progressive country to me, and I don't mean progressive. Politically. I mean, progressive as far as infrastructure so We cannot. Achieve anything on a climate basis. If China is not part of it, and China very smartly has just said You know what? I don't think we're going to be part of it because we have some bigger issues such as the South China Sea and Taiwan. So if you want us to work on our emission standards and lower the amount of pollution that were belching into the world, that's fine. We want something from you in return like we want Taiwan. So unfortunately we have been put into a quarter. Not a very smart move. To put all our cards the table and say that climate change is the top threat to America's national security. That's a direct quote from the Biden administration and again, That's.

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