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Can basically react to EMF radiation, but by the nature of the EMF barrier foam that they've built into this mattress they've shown that when you sleep on this thing, return your blood cells to their natural free flowing state. Which allows the bloodstream to optimize the oxygen flowing through your body, which improves your body's nighttime recovery cycle. It improves your sleep quality, and you can learn more. At my Ascension dot com slash Ben Greenfield, that's MY ESS and TIA dot com slash Ben Greenfield. You'll get 25% off their mattresses. From now to April 30th. And man, you got to sleep on one of these things. They're amazing. So my Ascension dot com slash Ben Greenfield. All right, everybody wants to boost their immune system these days. Getting in a sauna four to 5 times a week gives you that support plus it reduces pain and inflammation increases the levels of these hardy little fellas called heat shock proteins. It helps to maintain muscle even when you can't work out and makes you feel on top of the world because penetrating infrared heat releases so many happy hormones in your body. In my house, you'll find this thing called a clear lights on it. Clear light is the sauna company known for shielding against EMF in each sonic comes with a lifetime warranty so you know they're built to last. The one that I use is called their yoga sauna. It's a sanctuary saw and it's big enough for a workout or a family sweat or having a bunch of people down in there when you have a house party. They've got a variety of saunas a one person model up to like these four person models that I use and they have a quiz on their website at heel with.

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