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Morning there from Billy Wimberly this morning. Yeah, it's pretty interesting. Yeah. I mean, you hear a lot of different takes on this a lot of different feelings. A lot of different. I just don't like the past. I just don't like the idea. The government mandating it. I mean, I mean, why our tax dollars, uh, that our grandkids are gonna pay back over the next several years to the tune of $29 Trillion this deficit our tax dollars a belt out a lot of companies over the years. In Listen, the best companies do pay their people more. I wish you could just be left is simply as here's my company. Here's what I'm going to pay. You want the job or not? Stephen? Ron Ron. Good morning. Yeah, I'd like to bolster your argument that you're making earlier that there really shouldn't be a minimum wage at all agreed. And the reason the reason why there shouldn't be one at all is because you're taking the one weapon. That disadvantage worker has But he negotiates for a job. That's true, And there's a lot of people who would take less rather than having no job all and listless this. Let's talk about the case where you have maybe a Like a employer who's discriminating against women. The weapon that the woman has to use against him is he can chicken to make. She can hit him in his wallet if he refuses to hire her to do the job for less. Because he has to put his money where his sexism is in order to enforce his stupid policy of only hiring here..

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