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The, drop? Those. Names Bottle the rock, star dropped the assembly people and. I love when, John does he'll go like if if if if Lewis is, in, here and you go? Oh did you read about Peter Boston, wa I at, each other like, what he's, like, yeah and, you go on with the story about, how he did this that and. We go who, in the hell is Peter Basel whether you're like oh my, God, he says semblance Ohio Listen I can attest hysteric on that, can you believe that, the people that and then I'll say, to John Heiki, believe, Dave Navarro's, filling in, who's, Dave I? Know who he is now you. Didn't then you go who's Dave Navarro is red hot chili peppers you're like, was he in assemblymen of the northern Third district Okay. Go ahead. I'm. Sorry. Okay yeah so this was when the big cap and trade vote went down up there that got me all. Ginned. Up yeah And. It was very contentious vote and all of these guys have a lot of, pressure on them both, ways, as to which way they were going to go and so. He literally sat his entire. Staff down in the. Office and said I'm going to vote no these the. Reasons why I just want. To let, you know. And then they ask questions they talked, about it they made sure to get all, on the same page they were all. On point, he's, like all right. Now I'm going to. Go to lunch and then I'm. Gonna. Go cast. That vote. And. Then. We're done for the day they said okay the guy leaves he goes to lunch she talks to someone at. Lunch It doesn't tell anybody. Changes yes but he doesn't. Tell anyone on his. Staff and they're all the sudden getting getting inundated with. Calls from angry constituent that. This guy, voted yes. With they all were under the impression, that he was voting no so when the. Calls come in they're like no what. Are you, talking, about he voted. No we are you. Told me right before he voted No it's up on the internet yes Whoa Had that lunch who was the launch with and then they have emergency meetings to try. To. Yeah, well imagine that like every day in the White House because that's pretty much what's going. On I don't think that he be marches to the beat of his own. Drum we know. That, yes and I bet you that happens more often than people think not just in, politics but in. Business I'm curious to see what else awry Omarosa has to say because you, know here's maroshek who was a, democrat and I think she worked for. Clinton she did not right there during. Impeachment. Okay so she was there for all of. That and then she did the apprentice with Donald Trump ends up working for Donald Trump and I'm not quite sure what. Her why did she? Leave like first of, all I think they went through one hundred forty people or something insane like, that like the. Administration so why does she? Leave did she get? Fired I, forget Well on. What story you believe? There was a wedding, party they locked her out remember she couldn't get it in okay they allege, that she used. Secret service protection or she? Used a motorcade for? Her wedding Okay. That Kelly got really angry about that and that's. When, he, said who. The house she why is she doing that. And then, he decided. That she was gone after you've got to have her on I have so we gotta ask her. That question for sure. Oh yeah of course you'll come. And. Do the show for sure it's five twenty one the drive home talkradio seven ninety KABC I've given up on developing my beach body instead I'm going to focus, on my Morongo buffet body and now your top five reasons to visit. Morongo.

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